whatever shall i do?

Discussion in 'General' started by GoneWithTheSmok, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. So i have been getting quite high all day everyday now an this morning i smoked the last of my supply, and i am no longer high at all.
    completely dry, no bud, no money, no alcohol, no spice, no etc.
    so i just wanted to ask, What the hell do i do now? im sober and am not really sure what to do, i could meet up with friends and Maybe get smoked out but they is not answering.
    so what exactly do people do when their at home and not high? cuz nothing at all really comes to mind, could i get some help?
  2. Rehab?

    Live your life?
  3. Seriously. Just do what you would normally be doing, threads like this don't make any sense to me.
  4. You have no weed, carry on.

    Don't become dependent on a drug, or threads like this get made.
  5. haha trust me i have thought about wether im addicted and dont think its effected my life horribly, i know that if i were to pick between going camping or staying home and smokeing i would pick camping other things i would pick over weed would be bikeing, or snowboarding, or hikeing, or just chillin with bros, so far i dont think im addicted
    the point of this is, im alone and when i would normaly smoke (because no one wants to hangout, and i cant go bikeing or snowboarding or the such) im all sober.
  6. but you see what i would normaly be doing is smokeing
    no one will answer their phones, my bike is at my friends house, i dont have money (rules out plenty of things) so why wouldnt i smoke? im just asking what people do when sober.
  7. Watch a movie.
  8. Go for a walk?

    Sneak into a movie?

  9. People never do anything suggested anyways you would just say " oh that's better if I was high"

    Eat , shit and go to sleep. Get a job. Get some money. Buy some weed. Get high again
  10. "Getting high is so much better when your high":laughing:
  11. i think this actually helped! i do feel strangly better after some exercises, :)
  12. Lolol i agree, thats the one thing i do struggle with
    i think "nah i wont watch this movie, i can only do that high" or " nah i wont watch this show or play this game or do this activity, i can only do that high."
  13. hit the street
  14. Yeah dude, I kind of agree. You do need help.
  15. when im sober i do exactly the same shit as i do high... or am i not getting something here
  16. MJ never lost me any friends, MJ never kept me from my wants and dreams.
    i was just asking what do ya guys think i should do for now? what do you guys do sober?
  17. you guys really do the same things sober as high?
  18. you dont need weed to live. Just go be alive and do what living people do.

    i really dont understand what the problem is..:confused::confused:
  19. Yup, only difference for me is it hurts worse to do things that involve using my feet:). And the tremor messes up my handwriting (not that my handwriting was that good to start with).

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