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Whatever happened to Lenny?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. all these smokie threads critter's been dragging back have brought back memories of Lenny.

    Do any of you vetran Blades remember Lenny?
  2. cant say i do.... he musta been a pain in the ass..
    if you mention the name .....
    raj patel :D every single one of us would laugh and tell you what a huge ass he was.
    a very amusing suprisingly brite huge huge pain in the ass, a very bad wierd little monkey

    thats when we all decided not to play with trolls
  3. I did a search for Lenny and it came back no one registered by that name... Musta been banned..
  4. told ya he musta been a pain in the ass :D
  5. I do remember a Lenny at Yahooka....

    He either isn't there anymore or changed his name!!!!
  6. yep lenny was from 'the other place'.....im still sticking with he was a pain.
  7. You are exactly right Highya... He was a pain in the ass......
  8. what happened to smokie?
  9. lol^^, damn wish i would ave been here for the beginning, i think i have missed out on a lot
  10. i know what happened to lenny, george shot him in the back of the head, while lenny looked across the water
  11. "george are we gonna tend the rabbits?"
  12. Lenny seemed to get everywhere (like right now i think he's in that small Rabbit garden deccoration, only from front on tho), but somehow he seems to have escaped the minds of the vetrans.

    .... and they say smoking dope harms your memory! :rolleyes: ;) :p :D
  13. of mice and men, great book
  14. did smokinokie ever say goodbye? i miss his slightly (!!) surrealistic view on things...
  15. someone go get rumjil in here... i'm sure she of all people must still remember Lenny.
  16. Lenny is the man
  17. Lenny?

    I'm sorry...I did a search and racked my brain. I don't remember Lenny.
  18. lenny the wingged turd!
  19. maaan, how can yas not even remember Lenny once you've done a search for it.

    Lenny the evil spirit?

    ring any bells?
  20. Lenny???? No.

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