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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Dizzy, May 28, 2019.

  1. Whatever happen to Jet Li??? Me and my husband watched one of his movies last night and it made me realize I have not seen him in any films for a long time. Does anyone know if he ok or what?

  2. He is working on the live action Mulan Film, playing the emperor of China.
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  3. He got some disease. Made him look like an 80 y/o man.
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  4. My buddy shot himself trying this trick
    we were blazed as so could not call for a doc
    blood was everywhere, he got home and was beaten badly by his wife
    that morning he went to hospital...then they found the bullet would in his waist
    ....he has since left his wife ...lol

  5. In Drag? ...China"s version of the Disney Hit ...out march 2020
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  6. That is Liu Yifei, a chinese actress. Jet Li hasn't look that good in years.
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  7. LOL my mistake he plays the emperor ....lol
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  8. Damn that's messed up vostok! Did he have any permanent Injury?

  9. Thanks for the info I may have to check that out :)

    I never knew there was such a thing that could do that!:eek:

  10. a BROKEN HEART .lol she was really Bossy
    everyone hide when she come around
    but him very nice but weak, (hes a medic now)
    still they were married over 5 years
    In truth I've not seen the above movie
    Kung Foo stuff don't ride my bike
    but is still very popular with the militarists

  11. HiJack! ...never a little Deviation perhaps...?


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