What'd ya get for X-mas????

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. Weeeee, I just got done opening my presents!

    I got:
    2 cds
    311 evolver
    Primus Pork Soda
    A led zeppelin poster
    Nuked Lunch the book by william burroughs
    a hooded sweatshirt which sucks so i'm returning and exchaing for some warm socks :/ lol

    didn't get Halo for PC, and thats really what I wanted. my mom bought the x-box version and I saw it, and I told her I needed the PC version, so she returned... but didn't buy the PC version! WTF? o well, evolver kicks ass.

    What'd you all get! I wanna know, tell me tell me! :D :D

    merry christmas eve
  2. ah well I guess I forgot most people open them tommrow morning.

    We've been opening them on the eve my whole life, whoops!
  3. I've got an empty wallet.. Don't have to wait till morning for that..

    Three kids and a wife.. I might have to go live under a bridge!!!!
  4. Evolver is a good cd, reconsider everything, and still dreaming are my favorites....

    I got RHCP greatest hits :D
  5. '

    ahh same as my parents, hence the lack of Halo lol
  6. This is what I got....I think I mentioned this to all of you about two months ago...

    It's offical now.

    Attached Files:

  7. Ooh, pretty Hempress.

    I got a new quilted flannel Shirt and some blank DVDs that I
    couldn't use. Wrong format. So they're being exchanged.
    Oh, and I got my digital camera a while ago.
  8. I got:

    2 Hoodies
    4 T shirts
    2 Jeans
    50 things to do while you're a teenager DVD
    8 Mile DVD
    Steve - O DVD

    And £60, 30 is goin in the bank and the other is bein spent on my x-mas cheeba.
  9. I got a new Ibanez Bass guitar, grateful dead tye dye shirt, a few cds, weed from my friends, and a free dinner at this nice resteraunt in town.
  10. Two nice j crew shirts and lots of needed money!
  11. Money, Presidente, and a big ass head ach...
  12. -2 CDs, Pink Floyd - Echoes, and Phish - Live 17
    -A hacky sack
    -Noise-cancelling headphones
    -Cell Phone (finally)
    -Digi Cam (for the family)
    -Some other things like a couple books, some cash, and a bonsai tree!:) Pretty good chritsmas
  13. where to get started.....

    2 sweaters
    2 pairs of silk x mas boxers
    2 bottles of calogne (curve and jean pual guatier)
    2 macy's gift cards.
    a nut cracker guy
    one of those weird art lights
    new cell phone
    these sweet ass slipper shoes
    flannel pants
    some wierd ass stuffed cow that plays songs and bobs its head back and fourth
    a 1.75 liter of grey goose ( presant to my self)
    and lots of cash money mannn

    i guess you get alot when you give alot....besides i'd rather give then get anyway... iots all about the look on there persons face when you give them exactly what they want w/o them knowing..... :)

    merry christmas everyone....
  14. i got 2 ounces. it's mids. that was from my mom. and i got a head unit from my father. it's a pioneer deh-p4500
    some clothes and a coupla bucks from aunts/uncles
    got a lava lamp.. or um.. lava tube, from my brother's girlfriend. a cd rack and a pair of new balance sneakers from my brother.
    ooo i also lost a soul calibur 2 case with soul calibur 2, socom 2, and metal gear solid 2 in it. + a memory card that had pretty much 100% save files for all those games, vice city, and a bunch of misc. games. ah well. i didn't get mad, my own fault, and there isn't anything i can do about it.. so yea yea i got stuff for xmas. :D
    merry xmas
  15. i got
    2 CD's Korn and Linkin Park
    3 T-Shirts
    a Black Hoodie
    a watch
    a couple of books
    and loads of cash some of which im saveing the rest is going on new years eve party and some nice Bud

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