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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. One of those days.

    In a couple minutes bout to go smoke a couple joints with the fam (My ma's, Pop's, And bro) and chill for a bit up there.

    Bout to take a couple swigs of whiskey beforehand.

    Then gon come down here and drink on this fifth of whiskey.

    Gon be a straight night.

    Whatcha'll doin?
  2. Drinkin' some water...

    Groovin' to Charlie Daniels.
  3. jus smoked a bowl and finna watch UFC.. then TUF3
  4. yea its deff one of those days around here, not much going on at all

    didnt have any work today, but got some studying i got to get done here in a minute then im gettin blazed
  5. hell yeah were alike ksr
  6. Ehh, smoke a J I just rolled, go out with my boy and look for what I like to call "Va-Jay Jay":)
  7. Just toked a bowl, sitting here looking at 12 hits of acid I bought tonight thinking how nice it would be to do it now.

    Tomorow ill drop 3 of them for my 21st birthday :hello: Not a drinker, wanted somthing special though and what a lucky break my dealer called me today he just got a shitload of acid. I havent done acid in 2 years so should be fun.
  8. just got in from work a little while ago..picked up an eigth of sour d today.. gettin ready to toke toke toke tomorow
  9. bout to roll up another white owl, smoke the rest of the fucking regs I got (see my "yesterday" post in real life stories), and just chill.
  10. btw ksr did you get my pm?
  11. Uhh, I'm not sure. I cant remeber, If i read it id reply to it, Unless i was wrecked or something.

    Shit chillin close to drunk.

    Fuckin got like 3 shots left in a fifth of whiskey.

    Opened it like a lil over a hour ago.

    Not enough and thats bad.

    Bout to smoke a couple bowls out the bong.

    Deff finish off this fifth.

    Maybe drink more.

    Or eat some breakfast cassarole haha.
  12. Wow.

    Now feelin completley wrecked.

    Finished a fifth. Opened up a pint of same cheap ass nasty booze. Best believe im stocked up ya herd.

    But fuck.

    Im feelin real drunk.

    Liqour drunk is different then beer/malt liqour drunk.

    Im feelin it like a mother fucker.

    Still gon drank some more n smoke soon.
  13. haha hell yeah ksr
  14. Hell yeah to you to for doing your damn thang. I dont care whatcha do, Pills, Smoke, Drank, Snort, Jus enjoy. Hahah ya herd.

    Im wrecked bra. I drank most of this pint bra.

    Jus ripped a bowl out the bong. Listenin to Twizted - Hydro.

    Chillin, Ate some breakfast cassraole, Shits awesome. Hahah.

    Gon smoke some more. Prolly drank some more.

    Then chill for awhile, Hit the sack and get ready for the day to come.
  15. I'm just doing nothing on my pc. think i'm gonna sleep.
    damn, im out of weed. need to buy more tomorrow...
  16. Hell yeah.

    Wrecked, Done drinkin.

    Was gon get some breakfast cassarole.

    My pops btiching, Is aid fuck it and found some dorritos and eatin them now.

    But he hooked me up with like 3/4 a J to smoke now so im like hell yeah ya know lol.
  17. I love some fuckin breakfast casserole man, my mom makes the best you'll ever have

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