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  1. my 2nd grow and doing better than first since im stickin to the experts advice. first time i tried lst. so id like to know whatcha think.

    pic1 is indica top44 38 day flower w/12 nice colas. pic2 is sativa jack herer 27 day flower too many colas to count ha.

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  2. Very beautiful. What are they under. I'm in my second grow too.
  3. hey maddman, this is a cfl grow, too warm here for mh/hps w/o air cond. this grow im veging for 6 weeks and flower for however long it takes based on the trichs. for veg im using 3-26w 6500k each plant and flower 3-42w 2700k each plant. i like to get my lights real close look see-

    pic1 dr80 veg pic2 dr100 flower

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