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Whatcha think?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tokeup2day, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Well GC what do you think of my pick up? First bud in 2 months lol I'm pretty excited to blaze it haha. No idea what it is but it smells portent and my friend said its some damn good stuff. Sorry bout pic quality, iPhone camera haha

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  2. Looks like some low grade. How much did u spend?
  3. How can you be so sure with pictures like that? It looks pretty good to me.
  4. Like I said, IPhone picture doesnt do it justice. It smells really fuckin strong and my buddy said when he smoked some he was high in a hit or 2. It was 4 grams I told him he could have some cuz he picked it up for me. Paid 70 and before anyone bitches, that's prices around here. Lot of people pay more around here. Nugs are pretty dense
  5. Well if it reeks then its probably dank. Pics look decent for how much the iPhone butchers them lol.
  6. Yeah haha and I keep real low lighting in my room so that didn't help. Not trying to be one of those kids who's like "yeah it's from Cali, super loud medical kush" but the girl who I got it from used to live out there, has family out there and also has connects who come to the east coast for a couple weeks at a time and leave.
  7. Looks like poopoo to be frank
  8. I know I asked you guys what you think, but I also stated a couple of times the pictures do not do it justice. If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to let you smoke it with me hahaha
  9. Regardless of if the pics do it justice or not, that's mids at the most. Nothing fancy at all man..

    I about shit my pants when I saw this thread and then your reputation though.
  10. Hmmm...Some fire hairs in there...
  11. What you mean?
  12. I think I see a seed..
  13. Where? Which pic?
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  15. Mehh that's prices round here. Standard is 60 an eighth. I paid 70 for 4 Gs. Told my friend to take some cuz he picked it up for me. That's CT prices for ya tho
  16. Doesnt look like dank but not high looks like low dank if anything
  17. $60 an eighth for chronic..

    That's not chronic though.
  18. Well I'll find out tomorrow when I smoke it
  19. Define chronic
  20. 1-10 on this?

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