Whatcha smoking for Christmas

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  1. Its the season to be jolly...

    So whats gonna make you jolly?

    I got some christmas kush from a friend of mine, I think the dealer made up the name but it smells like a christmas tree. I smoked almost all of it cause I couldn't wait so this is all I got.

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  2. Some of the nicest middles i've seen in a fat minute


    I smoke two joints in the morning...
  3. [​IMG]

    i dont know what type of weed this is
  4. As of right now I think I might break out the vape wand hash.

    Make it a hashy Christmas of course lots of trees will follow as well.
  5. I got some
    Rudolph the red eyed reindeer
    Haunnaka hash
    Its a weederfull life
    Christmas Chronic
    but for real i dont know yet i gotta find a tempo dealer my regular i outta town visiting faimly
  6. Smoking on some blue dream and relaxing with family for the holidays. :smoke:

    Edit: Don't know why it uploaded sideways..

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  7. "I had some Haunnaka hash but the kids from the temple cleared me all out."
  8. I've got some local Bubbilicious since my crop wont be done for 6 weeks.

    Heres a small bit of it, plus the keif I've been saving the last couple days. Me and the girl will smoke straight keif bowls on christmas :)


  9. I dig those pipes man, and nice buds.
  10. Thank ya, they are actually from the GC shop.. Molino spoons
  11. Yeah I'm smoking on some Christmas chronik too..

    Ive only got like a 1.4 so I'm putting away a bowl for xmas night, so I can unwind and enjoy xmas.
    1 g will last 2 days I suppose
  12. Sweet stuff guys, my dealer got me an 8th of purple pine, it also smells like a christmas tree. I'm really in the Christmas spirit this year.

    Edit: I'm not sure why my pic isn't uploading but it is some sexy bud
  13. Og kush

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  14. A Brisket and probably some deer sausages,
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    Girl Scout Cookies :smoking:
  16. Some loud, I wish I could grow my own and get high off my own supply! Life would be complete
  17. here's whats left of some dank unnamed strain mixed with pineapple kush. love me some weed salads


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  18. photo (1).JPG
    I only had one king paper, so i rolled this huge doob for a gift

    merry christmas guys

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