Whata wrong w my plants?

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    Please help deduce whats wrong. I checked ph levels this morning, at 6.5, light is high about 2.5 feet off the plants cuz I thought I was burning them. They were all so lush n dark dark green clones. They seem to be losing color.

    Im using lucas formula 8ml/16ml method.

    Temps are in mid 70s to upper 70s

    They all seem to be showing signs of growth, but they look funny. Droopy leaves and discolorization
  2. Heres the pics

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  3. 5.8-6.0 for hydro man.....check it twice a day
  4. Cool ill get on that. Also they were showing similiar signs before I started using nutes. Even when the ph was normal from RO water only. Any ideas on why they are losing color?

  5. Silly question, but what does "RO Water" stand for?
  6. Reverse Osmosis
  7. Have the roots hit the water yet? Im in my first DWC grown and had the same problem until the roots hit the res.. Took 12 days for this to happen.. Now im seeing new growth..
  8. Yo one of the major problems is it needs water plus the nutes. Young plants in a bubble bucket needs a constant source of water to get a good start on growing and reach the water. GH makes a "farm kit" that turns your bubble bucket into a drip system. Gets the water up to the plant and continues growth till the roots reach the water. Once it reaches the water remove the kit and continue with a oxygen enriched nutrient laden water. Water Quality is the most important aspect of Hydro. Monitor on a constant basis adjust continually as the PH will flucuate. Change your water on a weekly basis. some times Hydro is a Pain in the ass but the results are awsome.


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