Whata Night!

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, May 20, 2006.

  1. Wow, lol..well me and my buddy got payed today, so we got some Ecstacy, 6 pills to be exact, they were blue, CLEANEST cut ive seen, the stamps were just so clear..on one side it was like a ninja star, and on the other side it had LA as a symbol..

    Anyways, we had some left over shrooms (8 grams) so, we started the night by chewing 4 grams each, about 30-45 mins after eating them, we start to get messed up, within the 1st hour of chewing them we popped a pill of E..

    So we went over to his dads house, he has a 62" Plasma TV, so we were playin Halo 2 all fuckt up and shit, than his dad asked for a pill so we gave him one and he was trippin balls haha..

    Whata good night...
  2. sounds like you had a blast bro!
  3. Awww man, im so jealous! :D
  4. me too dude. x is the only thing i want that i cant get.

  5. :eek: Shrooms are the only thing I want that i cant get!!!
  6. I wouldnt reccommend doing E and Shrooms at the same time, its FUCKED!
  7. Haha awesome night!
  8. thats cool but i'd feel weird doing drugs with my dad or my friends dad...is it weird or cool?
  9. It was sick haha, his dad's coo, we did hotknives last night with him, haha that was intense..

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