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  1. What's up GC!, im just chillin' here blazed, and eating a homemade corn dog, and i just thought i wanted to make this thread, What Kinds of things does your "Dude" say to you? or funny things they say, if they do say anything, post em' here.
  2. Does "Dude" = Dealer?
  3. Pic of the homemade corndog or it didn't happen.
  4. 2nd that, plus instructions
  5. [​IMG]

    This thread is now about corn dogs.

    How come most images of corn dogs have mustard and not ketchup? Do most people like mustard on their corn dogs? Personally I like a little ketchup thrown in the mix.

  6. Haahaa, yeah, my bad, i thought most people who have dealers would know the term "Dude" for them.

  7. Lol, all i did was wrap a hot dog bun around a hotdog, and then squized the bread around the hotdog then ate it, its not really a corn dog, but its not really the hot dog style either, idfk, im high as shit.
  8. LIAR!

    I'm ashamed to admit I have never had a real corndog. Just pogo's.
  9. I assumed thats what you meant but i wasn't convinced lol. I wasn't sure in what context dude was.
  10. That shit looks good
  11. man those corn dogs you buy are store are really good if you break off the stick and cook them in vegetable oil stove top

    get like a pound of ketchup and dip them in can eat like 6 of them

  12. Yes, yes it does.
  13. Corn dog blasphemy! The cornmeal is essential to a corn dog. Shit, did you even put it on a stick? Did I mention that the stick is equally vital?
  14. oh, lol nice... well shit, people should post some, jus cus, so yeah...go for it

  15. it's "homemade" usually homemade things aren't as good of quality as the real thing! FUG OFF! lol.
  16. [​IMG]

    Whats a pogo?
  17. We call corndogs pogo's in Canada ;)
  18. Ahhhh.. I am enlightened. :smoke:

  19. [​IMG] :confused:
  20. I want one of those.. [​IMG]

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