What Your favorite way of saying weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by T3cK420, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. hmm well...sense i started this thread, it only makes sense tht i say what i like to call my weed. i luv usin the expression "budda", being me azn makes it even cooler hehehe.

    example: "waz gud wit u and tht budda?"
  2. o_O i never thought about saying it like tht xD jkjk
  3. i like to sing out smokin buddha by krayzie bone
  4. as soon as i arrive in LA, gotta get my connections, i been here stressin on this airplane, 6 hours just thinkin of crashing, now a sacks gonna be relaxing
    smokin chokin rollin blunts and, we dont spend no money
    them sacks gotta be lovely or we aint fucccckin wit yall!!
    def. a classic smokin track

    to get back to the thread, i switch it up everytime, "you got some bud?" or "wheres the herb" or "who got the tree?" or "pass tha ganj"...
    overall though i probably say "bud" the most
  5. I usually say bud.
  6. azn.. are you still stuck on that AzN pRyDe?!

    i can't stand it when people type it that way. ^ that's what i think of.

    but i just call it bud. simple.

    btw im asian so i have a right to rag on you. HAHAHA
  7. i mainly call it mota, or kill. then again not everyone knows what that means so ill just say "you have any pot?"
  8. I usually say bud or herb.
  9. weed,bud,crip
    EDIT: i also say dank
  10. got trees? lets blaze!
  11. we say trees in LA
  12. its The Ganj man. or good old ganja, any variation there of
  13. lol i know rite, i mean why would ppl rite like tht. just makes it harder to read.
    i got a Azn Pride tat on my middle finger so yah...azn pride 2 the fullest :p

    hmm i see i see, no1 says budda around here eh? lol
    budda sounds awesome when ur sober or blazed ;)
  14. bud, weed, budda, skunk, dank, trees, herb
  15. ^^^^ what ur fav. way to say it?
  16. Muggles.

    I always liked that one.

  17. lol first time i heard muggles
    nice name tho ima use tht ima use tht ^^

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