What your favorite _________(category)~**GAME**

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    havent seen a thread like this, here (though i dont use other sections much), so delete if made.

    Game, just answer the poster above your. then make your own question. feel free to re ask a question if you want to know others

    format of question:
    What is your favorite _____________(a category, try to keep it interesting)

    I'll start
    What is your favorite body part on the opposite sex?
  2. Tits.

    What's your favorite way to get stoned?
  3. Being stoned hurts, id rather not get rocks thrown at me

    Whats your favroite chip brand, eg doritos lays
  4. I'd have to say doritos, although I like Cheese O-ke-doke even more.

    What's your favorite type of vehicle?
  5. My little beat up Pontiac Grand Am :)

    What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

  6. motorcycle :D

    EDIT::: fav cereal.... RICE KRISPIESS ... .yes!!!

    whats your favorite nut... ie chestnut hazlenuts walnuts (not balls)
  7. Peanuts, (even though they really classify as legumes)

    What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

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