What You Tube channels do you watch (weed)

Discussion in 'General' started by blackleafy, Aug 18, 2017.

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    I love watching people smoking weed and taking edibles on you tube,some of the ones i watch are
    weeats reviews
    positive smash
    custom grow 420
    they royal galaxy
    crutch 420
    my stoner life
    baked in vegas
    strain central
  2. I don't watch any weed videos...Usually I watch things about serial killers, or the good parts of horror movies (fuckin' slow shit).:coolalt:
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  3. Some Black Guy
    Joe Rogan
    Art Primo
    Richard Dawkins
    Niel Degrasse Tyson
    SJW/Feminists/Non Binary/Snowflake Cringe/Owned Compilations
    The Atheist Experience
    Ghost EA Graffiti
    Romesh Ranganathan Podcast
    Jordan B Peterson
    Bill Burr
    A shit tonne of documentaries
    Louis Den Beat Battles/Kelakovski
    Sam Harris
    Boonie Mayfield
    DLSR Rough Guide
    Fuck That's Delicious
    Russel Peters Clips
    Franky Boyle Interviews
    Alan Partridge episodes
    People Just Do Nothing episodes
    UK/US/Russia/North Korea politics/current affairs/terrorism
    Drink champs

    That's pretty much it. Rarely watch weed stuff
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  4. I'll occasionally watch Getting Doug with High.
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