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what you think

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cheeese, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. im perscribed adderal and take it every school day, and after every day i get my helping of happy. i know amphetamines arnt good for you in the long run, but do you think smoking with them to will be bad for me
  2. Bro stop taking adderall. I was prescribed it and slowly but surely got addicted to it. Its so awesome at the beggining, i cant deny that. But eventually you grow a tolerance and have to up your dose, and the comes down get worse and worse. Its fucking terrible. Don't mix adderall and weed. Then your going to only want to smoke on adderall cause it was that much better. Quit adderall and stick to the green. Got love
  3. i know what your saying, im still under my parents roof but im 18 and when im not smoking at night i feel real shitty sometimes for no reason, then i think about the universe..
  4. Exactly. Every night is hell bro. You get so dependent on it so fast. But you should really quit. I've been off of it since May of last year and i'm a million times happier then i was then. The first month kinda sucks without it, but its just cause your so dependent on it and your brain thinks you need it when you really dont. Slowly tamper off, or talk to your doctor about coming off of it. Fuck pharmaceutical drugs.
  5. unless your orange bottle has naturals in it
  6. I know 30yr olds addicted to that shit
  7. Definitely drop Adderall, I tried that shit before, weed will help you in the long run, as opposed to adderall.
  8. The discussion of other drugs isnt allowed

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