What,you think tha yield going to be..

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  1. 3 PLANTS OVER 2FT,ONE IS 2FT EXACT.....:smoke:
  2. Well this is obviously enough information, so I say.. at least 6 pounds! :D
  3. ............here ya go.

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  4. 1.23 pounds to be exact. I know these things. >.>

    Still hard to tell from that pic. All depends how well you take care of them as they flower.
  5. Ok, here's a start of what we need to know:

    • What nutrients do you use and how often and how much?
    • What lighting do you have?
    • How many weeks are these into flower?
    • What strain are these, if you know?

    Even if you answer these, most people will still say "anywhere from 1 gram to 100 grams". :D
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    Ok i use some hydroponic nutes,and hesi,and organic..i feedem atleast once a day or skip one...im using a 4oohps light...and they been flowering now for 18days...THA STRAIN IS PURE AFGHANISTAN,HINDU KUSH AND XXXSKUNK....

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