What you think about this song ?

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7EPUS6qJ-g]Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples ft. Wale & Drake [God Forgives, I Don't] - YouTube[/ame]
  2. no sir...i don't like it

    why you ask?
  3. As with most anything that Rick Ross touches - the production is really good and the rapping I couldn't care less about.
  4. don't like it
  5. The lyrics aren't particularly profound... however they do make my skin crawl a couple of times, some nasty shit, pretty trashy at moments.

    I like the sample because I'm a fan of jazz, but it just makes me want to listen to the actual jazz composition.

    "Then we fuck all night, till things get right"... really? He couldn't have come up with a better way to say that? I thought he was a poet, a musician, an artist. Where's the subtlety? Where's the poetry? Nah man, this is an example of what's wrong with "music" these days.
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    why be subtle? it's a brag, it's meant to be explicit. it conveys his feelings about the subject clearly and concisely- if he was to dress it up, or as you suggest be subtle about what he means, the connotation of the line would be entirely different. his fucking all night isn't something to be subtle about because that's not how he feels- it's just fucking to him, and saying it as he does captures that sense of "machismo"

    tldr, i agree that although the image isn't pretty or poetic, but then, it's not supposed to be.

  7. This is true. Perhaps a better way to put it would be that the lyrics represent everything that I hate about our culture and are lacking of any sort of depth whatsoever.
  8. I've noticed this about a lot of hip-hop these days.

    I think it used to me more about expression and individuality. Everybody wanted there own sound.

    Now it is more about STATUS and egos.

  9. Agreed but I think this song is good for what it is.
  10. Don't like talk rap..I want to hear music not a poem
  11. I said it once, say it again

    No rapper(s) benefited more off beats and production than Rick Ross cuz he is a TERRIBLE rapper

    Maybe the Group Home benefited more by having all Premo beats, but Ross is ass

    He did do himself a solid and surround himself with peetty decent talent unlike most of the YMCMB weed carriers

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