What you munching on?

Discussion in 'General' started by Deleted member 466221, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Right now I'm banging the shit out of some wild homemade pizza, after a 3 hour sesh with 5 spliffs..:hello:
  2. Homemade beef jerky, jerk flavored.

    Jerk jerky
  3. Is it good?:p
  4. I got this 8 dollar big ass digiorno pizza with breadsticks (and it was only two bucks at this store...so I bought it). :smoke:
  5. Oriville redenbacker pop corn
  6. Pizza hut garlic bread pizza bites
  7. Oatmeal choclate chip cookies with some grape juice.
  8. just ate a couple ribeye steaks and some fries.
  9. Protein shake and carrots :cool:
  10. [quote name='"JoyOne"']
    Is it good?:p[/quote]

    Yes it's amazing. I definitely didn't make a large enough batch :(
  11. Just had a big ass smoked turkey leg.

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