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  1. Medicann Seeds Chemdawg (planted in pot on july 23rd with its first true leaves)
    vipaspectra LED 300-watt (18/6 cycle)
    fox farm soil
    kind hot soil
    vornado duo small room tower fan
    water ph 6.6-6.8
    5 gallon buckets with side and bottom holes at 3/4 inch drilled in.
    6inch carbon filter with a vivosun 6 inch 390cfm inline fan circulating air back into the same room
    temps stay around 71-81F and humidity stays between 46-60% (its in a bathroom and the flushing the toilet im sure jumps the humidity)
    I got blackout curtains in front of the door to the bathroom and it is in the basement, so it will never see natural light.
    I will be installing green lights in the bathroom in a day or 2 so i can pee or brush my teeth without issue.
    I consider this a open grow pretty much cause only a curtain separates the plants from the rest of the house.

    Basically i got 2 plants, the once closest that is LST has 5 lbs kind soil with fox farm soil, no nutes.
    the one behind it, i wasn't planning on it living and was using it to experiment (its my first grow and i topped her and pruned her as she grew), i only filled the pot about 1/2 way and no hot soil. Once i ended up deciding that she needs to live i got nutes and started a 1/2 potency feeding with 1.5 tps grow big and 1.5 tps big bloom. I had a issue with fungus gnats and hung sticky paper and started adding 3% peroxide to the water to kill off the larva at a 1 peroxide to 5 water ratio for 2 watering cycles.

    I just moved her to flowering yesterday, as it is my first grow and im scared of such a high maintenance seed (from what i hear) cause i dont want her to die before she produces. When i turned on the 12/12 cycle i took out all the LST on the front plant.

    I smoke about 1/4oz a month and im hoping to get enough to last me through the next grow and then some. On the next one i got a 15 gallon air pot and im going to try to grow her big, i can go up to about 6-7 feet before lighting becomes a issue and i need to bend branches down.

    I heard about getting multiple harvest and thought about trying this with a single plant and large pot. Or is it better to have 4 plants and flower them smaller?
    She (the front one) looks alot wider than most plants im seeing from other people, she has about a 2 feet canopy, is this normal? should i move my light? my light is at 19inches right now because of the flowering but i kept it at 2 feet during the veg.

    I guess im just curious what everyone thinks. I already suffer from anxiety and i just ran out of my medication, doing my best to keep my stress down but im so worried ya know. I got a high stress job and this stuff has saved my life.

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  2. none what?
  3. Howdy.
    1st off, .Your plants are looking great, and your entire setup sounds perfect!!
    Presuming all are Female, maybe clone her (NOT for autos)..that would give you a head start for your next grow(s).
    As far as your light distance goes, here is the instruction for my Meizhi 450 (another Burple).
    Not sure about your strain characteristics but many Indicas and Indica leaning Hybrids are shrub like and wide.
    I would gradually (a few days worth) move your lights to: (The following came from Meizhi CS).
    I keep my lights at the MINIMUM distance and have not experienced light bleaching.
    "Advised light above plants for seeding,growth and flowering time:
    Germination-------------24-30 inches
    Vegetable -- --------18-24 inches

    Flower------12-18 inches
    Advised Lighting Time:
    Vegetative Stage: 18-20 hours on,4-6hours off; Flowering Stage: 12 hours on,12hours off. Veg: 18/6 or 20/4; Flower: 12/12

    our new series lights have both growth and bloom switches.
    On growth stage, keep the growth switch on.
    On flowering stage, keep both veg & bloom switches on.
    Advised Growing Conditions:
    Temperature, humidity and airflow will directly influence the rate of photosynthesis and transpiration. Although the environment for plants growing is limited, growing conditions means a lot. It shows that the perfect temperature and humidity for your plants are found between 75°-85°F and 50% - 70% humidity, with plenty of airflow to replenish CO2."
  4. I feel i nailed the humidity, ph, and temp, i balance it out with a air vent that is in the bathroom and have found a sweet spot that keeps her at like 71 at night and 77-80 during the day, the light i have when i lower it to 12-18 inches i feel as though some of the buds on the outside wont receive the light they need, is that a real concern? I understand no one can predict yield too, but is there a rough estimate given the conditions i laid out? I do plan on getting a better light eventually, but money doesn't permit this atm and this one seems to be doing the job.
    plants are female, they are feminized seeds and on top of that i THINK, i THINK, cant stress enough, that i THINK, they showed their sex and they were female, but i will keep a close eye out for dudebros.
  5. Maybe check with Mars on that? My Meizhi is not expensive either ($126 for the 450w reflector) and I grew 4 plants using 2 of them + a little DIY side lighting (visible in the Pic
    just before I flushed in early june..4 different strains.) As you can see, The Meizhis did pretty well! I have spread out to veg a couple of plants in a spare bath tub LOL.
    In my new grow, I am using 1 Meizhi and a Nextlight Mini (Whoooa) for 4 plants in my 3x3x6 tent!(2nd picture 16 days into flower).

    The BEST reference I have found is here:

    5-24-17  Before the Flush.jpg 7-25-17.jpg
  6. I read that website beginning to end before even considering growing. Thank you for the reference though. I think my light has a weak red spectrum and I might do well to add a few lights for flowering anyway. Is there any issues changing lights in the middle of a grow. Cause I'm thinking of moving up to a higher quality light with a higher red spectrum.

    Also that's fucking beautiful.
  7. Yeah..it is a great site! I keep sections bookmarked in my browser too.

    Thanx for the compliment.

    Last grow, I changed one side from a Meizhi to the Nextlight Mini..No problems and I did it the final 3 weeks of flower. You seem to do your homework (a rarity here for the newer growers..LOL) so, which light are you looking at?
    I have the 2x Meizhis, 1x Nextlight Mini, and 1x Unit Farms UFO80..never can have too much light LMAO.
    I am just using the Unit Farm LED for the 1st time and there is a GC thread on it..(search for Unit Farm (Sponsor)
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  8. I'm a man of very modest intelligence and light spectrum is not a very strong suit of mine.
    My plan is to use only the light i have now through this entire grow, and if i feel like it did its job i want to upgrade this unit to something like this Amazon.com : VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower : Patio, Lawn & Garden
    But if i feel like my girl under produced because of the lack of red spectrum i might look into another brand or light. I like to keep it simple, i would like 1 light for my entire area, no extra lights needed (such as a red bloom light).

    I remember reading about it, but didnt really take it all in because of the volume of information i was reading, but would a 600 watt led be wasted on a single plant? or 2 plants? I imagine their is a peak amount of light a plant can consume?

    I'm also always open to suggestions, i have a small modest home so my grow and flower room will be the same, its always going to be that bathroom. I assumed things like that shower would be reflective enough to not need that reflective lining. Small things like that, or if i should vent the carbon filter outside for some reason im unaware, because i vent it inside the bathroom to help move air. I figured id kill 2 birds with 1 stone, it operates as a fan and filter. But if you see something suggest away!

    I also am very appreciative of the compliments. I kind of obsess over things before i try them and get as much information as i possible can before i feel adequate enough to try it in real life.
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  9. Keep up the good work. What are your thoughts on the kindsoil so far ?
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    I'm not sure if the hot soil or fox farm had them but one of those had fungus gnats come with it. I original got hot soil cause I was intimidated by the idea a plant would rely on me for food, but honestly the next grow I'm not using hot soil, it's not worth the cost. The plant in just soil is doing as good as the one in hot soil if I didnt stress her the way I did. I pruned her down to like 1 node and topped her too so I could see the tolerances of the plants. She recovered fast and looks very good.

    In short I guess it's not worth the cost. I paid like 30-40$ to get that hot soil for one grow(5lbs) and I bought all the nutes that will last me idk how long and how many grows for the same price.
    This time around I'll use fox farm exclusively in a 15 gallon air pot.
  11. It is expensive. The shipping price is high. I got a 5 lb bag. I paid $34. I wanted it for the same reason you did. I also didn't want to worry about nutes on my first grow at all. The less decisions I have to make the better .lol

    I did talk to Phil Kind (kindsoil guy)thru email. I was asking him about using the kindsoil with fox farm Ocean Forest. He said FFOF has bug issues. He recommended Bush Doctor Coco Loco or Roots Organic. I already purchased the FFOF so decided to use it anyway.

    Yesterday my seedling emerged from the soil. So this will be my first experience with the kindsoil. Probably my last due to the price.

    Thanks for your thoughts on it.
  12. Yea no problem. Honestly i was scared of a nute schedule, but it isnt anything. If im balancing water ph and burning off chlorine in my water by letting it sit for 24 hours, dropping 1.5 tps of liquid into it isnt a big issue.

    I figured it was from the fox farms, i appreciate the alternative suggestions. I will be trying a different soil but wont be adding anything like sand or rocks or anything yet cause i think the air pot might already allow enough drainage and air penetration, but maybe on the third grow i will losen the soil a bit more, I don't know, a long ways off.

    The fungus gnats, if you happen to get them too, let me know will ya? i had some good luck with 3% peroxide at a 1 to 5 ratio (peroxide to water) in my water when watering to control the larva and fungus gnats. I also hung some yellow sticker paper. I havnt seen a gnat in about a week but have seen some new flys stuck to the paper.

    In all honesty i might talk to someone about adding peroxide to my water in small dosages anyway cause the plants seemed to fucking love it, tried it on my experiment first to make sure it wouldnt die and bitch was like ZIP ZAM WOWIE and took off. Could of just been a coincidence though and the peroxide might of lined up with a growth spurt.
  13. I will let you know if I get them. Interesting about the peroxide. Thanks for the advice. So far my little seedlings are almost inch high . Still has the shells attached but can see the first 2 leaves starting to open up. I will follow your progress . I have a similar setup. Good luck to you the rest of the way. You are doing great so far.
  14. Still at work so sorry for late reply, I never planned on even talking about them or discussing progress but if your interested I'll keep you posted man. I started by being high and going "man mother nature knows her shit and these girl tell me what they want and need" so I have no real schedule aside from the light cycle. I water when I think she wants it, I give the back one the nutes I think she needs, I didn't keep track of the veg figured they would show me when they wanna make bud and I figured I'd harvest the bud when the girls told me they were ready.

    Here I am on a forum scared shit less about posting information. I know the United States changed alot on marijuana but it's still kind of taboo where I live and won't be changing anytime soon.
    But yea man. I did make a mistake during veg. I moved the light up about 6 inches cause I thought she would be happy. She quickly let me know with her 2 inch stretch between the nodes that it was a horrible idea lol. So I moved it back down so I got like a growth spurt wasted on her stretching. Right now I got the light on the 12/12 and they are about 16 inches away from the top most cola. I will be installing a 3 watt green led in my bathroom tonight when I get home, so as I said, I can pee and brush my teeth without hurting my girls.
    I don't think it will hermie on my research but if it does fuck it, I guess I got seeds if I don't catch it soon enough?
    Peroxide when it goes into the soil, from my understanding, turns into water and air, both of which are good for her.

    I just started all this and I got a good 30 years of life left in me so I got time to experiment.
  15. Understand your concern with posting information. I'm paranoid myself . I also live in an unfriendly state. And I doubt I will ever see it change in my lifetime. Its a crime. So I think being a little bit paranoid is a good thing in our situation lol. If you dont feel like posting much , I totally understand .

    I didn't mean to take your thread off topic. How long do you think you are from harvest?
  16. Your fine. If something happens I should just get a slap on the wrist hooefully, I'm not a criminal and this is 100% victimless. Is a class a misdemeanor, but I don't even have so much as a speeding ticket and pay my taxes. But I never been in trouble so I don't know.
    Off topic is fine, I got what I wanted. No one immediately jumped up and screamed about issues or problems and people said my plants look good. It helped ease some of my concerns.

    From what I read chemdawg is slow to flower, probably 9-10 weeks. I read the average is 9. Then a week most likely of drying and go into curing after than. I should have smokeable herb in about 10-12 weeks. But like a idiot I'm going to try some fresh stuff before I cure it to see how harsh it is.
  17. It IS a crime - it's a goddamn shame that it's still a freaking crime wherever it is that you live.

    I'm in Maine and am allowed to recreationally grow 6 plants. My wife can grow six more. My oldest daughter is over 21 so can grow six more - yet some of you guys can still get busted and potentially go to prison over this.

    That's the REAL crime. Friggin backwards states...

  18. Yep and without much detail, it has saved my job, my marriage, and my life. I was in a angry downward spiral with anxiety, depression, stress. I was starting to drift away from my family and isolate myself which only made me more depressed. This pulled me out and helped me function normally without losing my temper. My job is insanely stressful and it's impossible to fire anyone (union) without months of paperwork.

    I'm normal now. I function normally, I'm not angry all the time and when I get home the stress melts.

    I really hope someday they will just let me have this. I'm actually embarrassed and ashamed to admit how angry I was. I wasn't even able to admit i had a problem till about a year and a half ago.

    Not to get off topic lol. I do appreciate your sympathy for people in states like ours and if it ever comes to it, vote green for us.
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  19. It would be nice to live in Maine. My wife and I flirted with the idea of moving to Colorado. We love it there but the commute back home to see family is longer than we would like . I believe my state will be the last one to go legal, if ever. It's pathetic because they can't even budget the state's budget. They won't legalize but they sure are thinking of creative ways to tax us more.

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