what you guys think about ricky williams

Discussion in 'General' started by Camps, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. well i just smoked a nice blunt this morning n it got me thinking u kno ricky running back for the dolphins hes been a trouble quite a few times with the nfl beacuse of drug use and those test they give at random times i think nfl should get off players balls and let them do what they want on the weekends and offseason if they get caught by the law then take actions but dont go random testing everyone hes still a hella running back they need to chill with it lol im a dolphins fan so it just came to mind u kno im in school right now i love it baked retated this is all i can do i cant do no work right now at all icant type expect me totype a essay ha lol let me get some opinions im sory if uthink this thread is point less tome it seems very interting right nowe thanks
  2. i think nfl players lives should be a living hell because they get paid millions to do shit they've done for free their whole life while people who work get paid dirt, jealous? maybe but who isnt
  3. As much as i think bud should be legal, and as much as i think everyone should smoke.

    Fuck ricky williams. lol. kinda like what negligent said... i would be ok with him smoking weed and not gettin tests... but they are making MILLIONS for sittin on a bench and playin a game that they love.

    BULLLLLLSHIT! DRUG test them mother fuckers. If any of the NFL players dont like it, they can become rap artists... they dont get drug tests.

    (that wasnt a racial comment... just giving NFL players another profession that choose without drug tests)

  4. i know what you're tryin to say but thye probably already have gone through the living hell stage of their life.....to become an elite athlete like that you need to put in mad amounts of work that you dont get paid for.....
  5. once i find a place to grab one im gettin his college jersey from texas, ricky is the man.
  6. He used to buy almost pounds at a time from some friends up in Grass Valley when he went to take bullsh*t mystical school or whatever. Once a pothead, always a pothead.

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