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What you guys doing tonight.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrMunchies, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Well i just got home and chilling. Got 2Gs of some good ass kush:smoke:.Im just chilling tonight me,my bong,tv munchies.
    Gonna be a good night what you guys doing
  2. I was gunna smoke, but I smoked the rest of the stuff that I had which was shake. But I'll be getting an eighth soon, so I'll be taking a T-Break for a while.
  3. Finna get some dank 1-2 grams depending on price then gonna get high as fuck
  4. Jammin...with herb & homies of course XD
  5. Chillin at my gfs house for the weekend.
    Gonna try to find some bud while she's at work.. Prolly a dimesack or maybe a gram of some dank.
    Chill out, drink some tallboys and smoke a j while watching cheesy horror movies on NetFlix :D
  6. Pink Floyd: The Wall is on demand for my TV service.

    'nuff said.
  7. Smoking some ice cream ptobbly.some taxi bell on a few green lantern also
  8. just got home from work, made a cup of tea and loaded the VG with some violator. one more hit and its couchlock for the night :smoke:

  9. Indeed. :cool:
  10. This is my one night off for the next 2-3 weeks. However I have no friends left nearby, so I will be drinking alone until I pass out.
  11. Well I just got home from being smoked up 2 different times tonight by 2 different friends of mine. Now im just sitting here listening to some chill music watching some college basketball games and finishing up the last gram or so thats left in my stash. chill night
  12. sounds good everybody. What you guys doing tonight. Im just chilling right now packing bowls
  13. Getting ripped with my boys, and watching 21 Jump Street. Heard it was pretty funny.
  14. chillin out, rollin up a couple peach white owls and playing forza 4
  15. Herb and xbox...
  16. Just hangin' (soberly). I'm totaly out of herb right now.
  17. Going to go smash some bowls at a buddies house real quick. :wave: Then get back, and like a ton of posts. :smoking:

  18. been sippin on some beers and playin gta. now im watching king of the hill. bout to smoke after and get into the studio to record a track ive been working on.
  19. I got about 5 grams left over from last night I'm a little spaced out but coming down listening to music laying wit my girl watchin some tosh.o I tried to get a quickie but shit hit the fan and now her little sister is here and hungry so I'm boutta hit up the mc ds for some munchies and I got my g bong so I'm just gonna take hits like a champ and see where that takes me I hope to get real fucking high with my girl and bang her when her sister falls asleep damn I needa get some condoms too

  20. Sounds great OP,I got some fire mids and one of those $2 Bogey rillos that burn like a champ,Probably just going to play some MW3 baked and dominate

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