What you guy think of autoflowering plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tattcatt, May 3, 2011.

  1. just trying to get sum input on some autoflowering plants??
  2. Seem alright I suppose. Many are runderalis, to keep them small and strong. The wiki article doesn't sound to promising with it though saying its called ditch weed and that the potency is less. You also have less control of the plant with autos.
  3. thanks I got 8 reg of purple mazar automatic and 10 fem. Midmight kush and 5 fem Vertigo Automatic.. not trying anything soon getting info first befor i start.. thinking bout mixing a auto with a reg size. ( Purple Mazar x Midnight Kush ) also ( Purple Mazar x Vertigo )
  4. I would do a big srog with a bunch of little plants and just run them 90 days. lots of weed.
  5. i just finished germinating Afghan Kush Ryder Autoflower. I will let you know in 45-55 days how good or bad it is!
  6. those free autos u get from seed companys r awsome jst get a cpl gallon pots with light warrior and stick them in the corner of t grow room water every day, then wen the buds start, it will run out of the nutes n u can put in sum budding mix cheap easy bud they were poor quality but they r coming along nicely as they continue to breed

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