What you eating/handing out for Halloween

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  1. I have been looking for something other the normal candy to give the kids.  Whats you favorite halloween meal.  I ran across this and coincidentally a guy at work swears that bone marrow is delicious.  I think honestly though it's to creepy for me to eat.  http://meatschool.org/halloween-bone-marrow/
    Anybody ever cook up some creepy stuff?

  2. Seen some crazy cakes for Halloween . This one is a wedding cake .
  3. wow thats pretty awesome, I wish i could eat some of that
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    If you're gonna hand out bone marrow to kids, just phone the cops ahead of time to skip a few expected steps. 
    I'm either going to be partying somewhere or turning off all the lights at home. I'm not fond of giving kids high fructose corn syrup in a society where everything you eat can already either give you diabetes, cancer, or mess with your very own genetics. 
  5. Alcohol

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  6. yeah i drink copious amounts of alcohol on Halloween, like normal adults.
  7. I don't know what I'll be handing out, but my friends and I were walking around and happen to see behind Party City, they had thrown out huge unoppened bags of ButterFingers that were only expired a day out by their dumpsters. They were melty from the heat, but still good to eat, especially since I am going to freeze them. I would feel realy bad handing out expired dumpster candy though, so I will just eat that and then get more for the kids.
  8. i'm going to turn my lights out, and hang out in the basement and hope no one knocks my door. i don't like uninvited guests.
  9. Hopefully be faded as fuck that night

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