What you do when you're paranoid of getting caught?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ashine, May 9, 2011.

  1. we all had that one time when you were just paranoid while you smoke and we all do something when we're paranoid. either it's hiding the weed, reacting to every little sound, bitching, etc. so lets tell it!

    for me when i'm paranoid, i constantly look around (probably like every 3 seconds) i also tend to get scared by little sounds and hide my bowl
  2. tell yourself it's a part of your high, enjoy it, laugh about it! just don't panic.
  3. You gotta remember its all in your head - take control of your high, you run it not the other way around :D
  4. i get those little moments of over thinking things, i just say to myself f--k it!
    i will deal with bad s--t when it does happen.
  5. I smoke all my weed to get rid of the evidence.
  6. I just sketch out, and flinch at the tiniest of sounds :)
  7. The only time I got paranoid I wasn't even high, it was my first time makin firecrackers and my mom was gunna be home in like five mins so I was pretty scared

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