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What You Did On Your Birthday?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TreyLovesMary, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Hey Blades and GC. Its my birthday today, sadly I only had 2 grams to smoke today, but hey. I smoked it with my crew and just while rolling this CANNON 2 pape right now. I thought, this is gonna be a sick day, with that thought, lead to me making this thread.

    So today I Smoked 2 grams on my birthday, it isnt the amount of weed that makes the day, its the fact that everyone else burned me on a couple grams too.. hit gas mask, smoked spliffs, blown swishas.. *****s. You know whats good, i want to hear how you enjoyed yo day wit' ya crew.
  2. Smoked up with me and the by's. It was 6 of us and we probably went through an 1.5 ounces that day. Just so baked and to make it better, it was my 18 birthday so i went to the bar high as fuck and then got loaded to end my night. Good times.
  3. Had a campfire in the woods behind my house. Liquor, bitches, and weed were all present. Oh, and we had tents. ;):D
  4. Well last year I sat in a corner with a bottle of vodka by myself, I shall do it again on the 2nd of January.

    I have my memory of my 18th though so its okay, I got special birthday sex!
  5. Happy Birthday to you! I usually celebrate my bday with my boyfriend , he takes me out for usually some type of Asian cuisine. Then we go back to my house where we chill in the bed and smoke some weed and do other things:p
  6. I turned 23 in July. It was the first time I ever had sex on the phone ..:rolleyes: haha but really it was
  7. My birthday is 4/20... So I got fucked up
  8. I got a bong my last birthday n all my stoner pals smoked me up with it. twas a great day for sure
  9. Well, since i have no freinds, i woke up, ate breakfast, went to lunch with my mom, went surfing by myself, got baked, and then went to sleep.
  10. cool man. not rly
  11. smoked out of a dick bong
  12. Smoked like 3 times by myself
  13. My birthday is today too.
    Smoked dro.
  14. I remember on my 15th bday me and my friend smoked a "bday Jay" for my bday. We sparked it then literally I went home, baked. I get home and I hope I can just go to my room and chill out but my parents surprise me and have a cake made and they insist on singing happy birthday to me. Lol I think if it now and I was so dumbb but the best part is there's pics my madre took and I look geekeddddddd
  15. Got different from any weekend though, really.

    Happy barfday, btw. :wave:

  16. I bet shit got pretty real for a second when you read the title of this thread.
  17. rafting in mexico.
    no jokes.
  18. My 17th birthday holy shit idk where to start lets see i woke up smoked a quik bowl before the huge bday breakfast. then about 20 of my friends from skool called me within a 2 hr time we all went to this abondoned warehouse about 2 miles from my house.everyone had brought at least an 8th of dank or more with them followed by countless bongs,gas mask,blunts,jays,bubs and a few G bongs.everyone also brought a shit ton of liqour and beer so you already know we got 5 tables of beer pong goin on.all and all that warehouse was so fogged up everyone was crossfaded as fuck!I also lost my virginity that day to 3 fine ass ladys who were all my "bestfriends". this party lasted from about 1 to midnight man great times ill never forget that day.Btw happy birthday to the OP:hello:
  19. Happy Birthday OP, I see your part of the November team just like me haha but on my 19th birthday I couldn't get bud so I just chilled, went to the mall, save up my birthday money to buy some really good weed, this girl owes me birthday sex though.
  20. Happy b day. My birthday this year was pretty interesting to say the least first off I worked a Sunday shift at sam's club (busiest day of the week) the day before the 4th of July so it was crazy buzy and stressfull. After I got off I had to drive 2 counties over to say goodbye to my parents... I was saying goodbye because I was preparing to drive 11 hours to north Carolina to help a friend move. So my bday was me being up 36hrs straight and eventually drinking like 3 beers and passing out from being soo tired.

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