What year will Cannbis legalized in the United States? (smokeOutForTheRightAnswer)

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  1. :smoking: RIght now we have a bill in Cali that might legalize the recreational use of marijuana, but i will remain skeptical until the votes happen......... and i think this bill could determine the future for USA Marijuana politics. if it goes through there is a good chance that it will cause a snowball effect over the following years........... but if it doesn't go through, cannabis policy will be like it is right now . I believe there is a good chance that marijuana will still be illegal in 20 years but I am hoping that isn't true.

    A couple of months ago it seemed like marijuana was making all the news headlines on a regular basis from it topping Obama's town hall meeting and the end of federal raids.

    The last depression ended Alcohol prohibition, but it looks like history isn't repeating it self at the time being except possibly in Cali. If this recession goes on for another 5 years than there is still time for a change but i dont know

    What dO y0u think the future holds for our favorite plant?


    ~~~~~~~I am also going to offer that if anyone makes the right prediction of the future- I will smoke you out a huge joint rolled with hemp paper and dank when the times comes

    although I'd be happy to smoke out most people on here when ganja is legal now that i think about it.:smoking:
  2. I'm willing to bet that it will be 2017.
  3. February 24th 2014
  4. I believe it'll be legal in my lifetime. I'm guessing maybe within the next 10 years.

    I would definitely smoke up with people from GC though.
  5. December 22nd, 2012.
  6. You're on the right track

    I was going to say 2018
  7. What ever the last guess was, plus one.
  8. April 20, 2020
  9. within 10 years no doubt. but it depends on what terms it is to be legalized
  10. April 19th, 2010, PLEASE!

  11. I would die of happiness if this happened

  12. hoping 2010, 2011, or 2012.
  13. Hopefully after you smoke yourself to death that day :p

    (And yes, I know it's physically impossible to overdose).
  14. I doubt recreation use will ever happen, even tho i do hope it does. It will probably be eventually recognized as a medical tool. When this happens smoking for recreation use will probably be viewed as drug abuse.
  15. Well, even if it isn't legal I hope it gets atleast decriminalized. I live in Florida so that will never happen here.
  16. Argh, that would be the 1 year anniversay of What'sThatSmell's funeral. So uh, that wouldn't be a good day for me, personally, to see pot legalized.

    I'm saying within the next couple years.
  17. There's no doubt it my mind that someday it will be legal for personal use. It's becoming a lot more mainstream. And information is spread around much easier these days, people will get the facts soon.
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    While there are states and will be states that legalize it, I do not think that in my lifetime (I'm 49) I'll see cannabis legalized due to the fact that many claim they want it legal. But other than that, do little to make it happen. Citizens MUST voice their desires to those in government to force a change. Hell, we could do this tomorrow and have it legal by the first of the damn new year if everyone would write or call their reps in the government and voice what they want. If those politicians do not want to, then vote their asses out in November. Its really simple to get it done. But like I said, people are lazy. For me, I send Lindsay "whistle pants" Graham, Henry "good ol boy" Brown and Jim "dipshit" DeMint a letter from Change.org every month. Still, they do nothing except play the typical "we got to stick with the feds" bullshit. But, my letters will continue go to them and they do not get my vote.

    The general public is so full of smoke & mirror bullshit from what the mainstream manipulated media tells them its pathetic to hear the public speak about "pot" because they know very little. many lump those who use cannabis in with heroin users, crackheads and the sort. When its actually a whole different ballgame altogether. But like I said, the media is so full of shit the public only thinks they are getting the truth or the entire story when it comes to cannabis. A few good stories have aired about cannabis but few actually make it to mainstream television at all. My estimate? 2055


  19. agreed. Sooner the better for everyone :)
  20. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5rejhaYDOI]YouTube - cnn - obama on marijuana[/ame]

    41% approval rating for legalization. it moves up one percent every year. Obama's approval rating is 51%

    by 2020 there should be a 50% marijuana legalization approval if nothing happens by then...........

    WHile the media is catching, it doesn't seem like the government cares to listen . Obama's staff just recently back out of a drug policy conference about Mexico.

    Decriminalization is very possible-------------------- but i think straight up legalization is what needs to happen , especially since this shit has been going on for over 70 years


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