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    So one of my friends dad just died and he commited suicide really sad well I'm not going to lie they have a good bit of money so my friend always has money for stuff well he smoked with us for a lil while during high school and did some other things I can't mention but we got him to stop cuz he always had the money for it and that's something u shouldn't be doing on a regular basis.. Not talking about weed I'm talkin about other things.. Well now that his dad died he starting to smoke again idk how I feel about it I feel like he's smoking to escape form the pain which could lead to him doing other things now I'm all pro marijuana but I feel u shouldn't smoke to escape things u should smoke jus to relax..
  2. Not your place to say anything.
  3. Hmmm.

    I'm all for people doing whatever they please, but if my friend is going through some tough times and starts using some harder drugs I'm going to say something. Especially if they start getting self destructive.

    But you should be there for him no matter what. if he wants to smoke and can keep it at that, let him smoke and burn with him.

  4. Yes it is your place to say something. Don't accuse, don't be hostile, have a conversation, voice your concerns. It's a lot easier to not start than it is to stop.

    Say something, be nice, be gentle, but let him know your thoughts.

  5. On one hand i want to say let the poor bastard deal with things in his own way but i want to say you need to step in if he gets out of hand with his drug use. If you see him going down a bad road try to talk to him but be non confrontational about it and try not to sound judgemental at all just let him know you're there for him and you care. You don't want to have him push you away and get worse because of how you chose to deal with this situation.
  6. If you feel like you're equipped to help, do so.
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    Let him smoke bro his dad just committed suicide..hes just trying to numb the pain. He doesnt know how to deal with it, hes probably overwhelmed. Dude, you should be there smoking with him man. I've always found that sessions with my friends are therapeutic when im stressin. Its good to have another point of view, or opinion sometimes. Or just even some one thats there for you. I feel like when friends smoke and talk about life and stuff or whatever's on their mind they usually feel better after. 
    I would be smokin with him man just to make sure hes not going on to harder things ya know? He still will have to deal with the pain, and probably therapy, but thats why I have my friends, and i got their back in the same sense. I mean thats not the only reason why I got homies but thats a big part of how my best friends have helped me throughout the years.
  8. To be honest I dont think harder drugs will mess someone's life.
    I got a friend who trips day and night whenever he can and he is very successful, he works when he has to work. Of course maybe he is lucky he has a very well paying work at home job.
    Just make sure he is outgoing and try to take his mind off of the death and be productive thats all I can say.
  9. I would handle the situation by letting the guy get as high as he wants, but I would be there for him and make sure his drug use doesn't ruin his life. Many people can use hard drugs and live a regular life and be fine (personal experience) and then there's others who let the drugs run them and ruin their lives. Alls you can do is be there for him, suicide is a hard thing to cope with and the last thing he's gonna want is you telling him he's in the wrong..
  10. Make sure he knows that you're there for him whenever he needs, no matter what. Don't force your help on him, let him come to you. If he doesn't, then hope he has it under control.
    If a person isn't seeking help, they won't accept it.

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