what yall think about this nute stack

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  1. currently i am in week six of bloom. for my grow i used only iguana juice and molasses. with my first grow under my belt im familiar with different types of nutes. i plan on using

    mexican bat guano
    indonesian bat guano
    iguana juice

    i plan on going 1/2 strength during first two weeks of vegge and full strength every watering through the rest of the grow. every 1/3 watering will be straight water.
    and everything is a tablespoon to a gallon of water. may go with a bloom booster depending on how the grow goes. is this too much. i just want to get the biggest and potent buds possible!!
  2. Piranha? Tarantula? Is that for real? Don't forget eye of newt and toe of frog! :p
  3. Dunno how set you are on it all but I'm LOVING the early results from my Canna Coco experiment with Rhizotonic for the root development, parts A and B for nutrient supply, and Cal-Mag+ for cation exchange and ca/mg/fe supply.

    The Rhizotonic is magic.
  4. pirhana and tarantula are the microes and the microes food

  5. so long as they are harvested during the full moon of course;)

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