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What yall know about THE GRAVITY

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HIGHskool, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. Ok ladies and gentleman i am new to this forum and i am surprisped to see no posts and the magnificent gravity bong! I dont believe with all u serious tokers that none of you have ever hit that up before...please prove me wrong!!!
  2. Never tried it, but it's high up there on my list of things to try.
    My only problem is that when I cough too much, I puke.
    But that's okay, I still want to try it.
  3. Do you swallow when you smoke? I have a friend that does that...the gravity will make you cough that is for sure, but it is worth it!
  4. i hit that shit all the time...btw it really has nothing to do with gravity
  5. air pressure? but it does have a bit to do with gravity - depends which one u make/buy.
  6. ya i guess, air pressure/suction..something along those lines
  7. it has absolutley nothing to do with gravity it has everythng to do with pressure...When the bottle is down there is no air, so when u lift there is a void that needs to be filled so the air goes through bud and the holes u make on the cap thus filling the bottle with a nice creamy smoke, then when u push it down the water forces it out and into ur is simple physics...and...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! but it eats but like a mother fucker

  8. are you serious....... i mean this is a pot forum, why don't you try searching the word gravity bong and see what come up.
  9. damn no need to get hostile how do you search on this bitch
  10. ya I remember the gravity bong..lets see I think I was in
  11. I dont get the whole gravity bong thang....I hit that shit and it wasnt any different from any other bong i have hit, just that it takes a whole fucking bowl to get a hit, of course i was high as shit, but its such a waste.

  12. but guess what...pressure has everything to do with gravity! gravity is the cause of air pressure

  13. thank you, someone, for recognizing this simple application of physics :D
  14. i have hit a gravity bong a few times..... not bad at all!
  15. i dunno if this helps to get you fucked up even more when you hit off a gravity, but after you hit it really hard, hold it and the get up and put your hands up behind your head and then exhale! your whole chest will be hurting like a mofo!
  16. Yeah...I make my own gravity bong every once in a while when the mood strikes me :D
  17. yeah... i never liked the name "gravity bong"... it always seemed stupid.
    I prefer the terms Bucket (open bottomed submerged in water) and Rocket (bag and drawstring on the bottom).
  18. For me gravity is an entirely different kind of doesn't get you schwaggy and shit...i think it is best for when you are going to a party or sumthing and dont wanna be a bum the whole time cus it hits u so fast and hard that it just gets that adrenaline going....there is no worse/better feeling than burning lungs mixed in with the onset of an incredible high...its also funny to watch ppl hit the gravity for the first friend cleared a 2 gallon jug filled with creamy smoke, he stood up and then dropped to the ground like a sniper had just picked him off or was hilarious...anyway more props to bucket/gravity bong (gravity sounds cooler! LETS GO GRAVITZE!!!
  19. gravity bongs are gr8 , i still make em also once in awile ....only bad things bout a gravity bong is , that it uses alot of weed quickly

  20. Yes it does have to do with gravity, what do you think is pulling the water down when you pull the bucket up?

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