what yall drinking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by toketillyachoke, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. high yall its tokem till ya choke coming at ya live from lacaster pa. Got a case of yingling lager and geting some bud tommarrow how are yall doing this day i mghreat drunk as a skunk and a party this weekend. havent been on much latly cuz my school blocked the site :( whitch sucks cuz i love this site . well basvck to the poitn who's all drink this lovly december night and what yall drinking.
  2. im at number 6 feelin preety drunk mom is bringin pizza home cant wait
  3. vanilla soy milk all the way

    (no alchohol for me :))


  4. Mmm, I love me some Yuengling!! Made by North America's oldest brewery... It's probably my second favorite beer, Guiness being the first. :D
  5. I have half a coke bottle of high ten whiskey under my be and a water bottle of McCormick's (vodskey *shudder*) I wish I could drink but I need to start cramming for my last 2 exams that are tomorrow.
  6. Plain old water.
  7. yup.. now i just drink water.. but it gots to be aqua fina....
  8. na.... is some bomb ass water..lol..

    Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of Aquafina -- 100% pure, non-carbonated, purified drinking water. Aquafina`s consistent purity and great taste are guaranteed by means of a state-of-the-art purification process that includes reverse osmosis and carbon filtration. Since its debut in 1995, Aquafina has won over consumers with its great taste and purity. Aquafina is currently America`s #1 selling bottled water brand in measured retail channels.

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  9. damn, someone's absorbed their propaganda. If I want to pay for water, I'll go to Kroger and pay 70 cents for a gallon. It tastes pretty good. Usually I just drink out of the tap.
  10. hmm lets see beer(coors light), vod(grey goose), tequila(cuervo gold), jager(meister), rum(bacardi/morgans) and thats about it

  11. i just like aqua fina...

    u should drink a cold one.. trust me, u will enjoy it when u high..latezz...

    Ps... fucking hate dry mouth..lol..latezz..

  12. only water they sell at my school, i find myself addicted to freezing cold aqua fina too....:D

  13. As do I :-D

    it's orgasm in a bottle.

  14. Thats why I got a brita water dispenser to put in the mini-fridge in my room. It does taste better than tap water, and always very cold.. It's perfect for my bong too..
  15. i simply bought a filter pitcher. works damn nice, man.

    fill it in the tub, stick it in the fridge: ice cold water, all you can drink.

    Yuengling's good too, man... wish i had some of them.

    also wish i had some nug.

    being poor SUCKS, man.

    or, rather:

    being poor SUCKS MAN.

    mmm... weed...

    -the Infrequent Ninja
  16. -beer budweiser or any other (molson dry,ex, etc)
    -tropicana juices (mom buys em)
    -can juices dont add 3 cans of water thats just wasting the taste! add 1 it tastes really good when ur high!
    -cold water with ice (water is filtered from my huge rich looking frige and ice comes from my automatic ice machine on my huge rich looking frige!)really like that frige!
    -when i've got dry mouth, hell i'd drink anything!

    no alcohol when smoking tho i dont like mixing :(

  17. juss some nice wines
    a lil rockbare shiraz
    oracle sauv blanc
    and tommasi merlot, 2001
    lol, love working in a majoe liquor warehouse!

    diggin on the tommasi right now...

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  18. me tooo... has a few brews, then a baltimore zooo and now moved onn to the finer things in life...:D

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  19. Last night I was drinking Old E. Something I have never done before. This weekend I can't drink shit though cause i got some very important finals on Monday. Fuck Statistics!
  20. Well.. it's 5:21 AM.. and at about 7, I drank water that i tried to dissolve 30 mg of dexedrine in... didn't work too well, only about half dissolved, but i just ate the rest... blah. I cringed. VERY bad taste. I've been posting the night/morning away if you can't tell...

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