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Discussion in 'General' started by Sunflower, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Well, I was laying there just trying to get some shut eye, you know, we all do it. Like every fucking night, just close the eyes, and fall asleep... damnit fall the hell asleep.
    So it doesn't ever work and tonight, i decided... this is what I am thinking about...

    My girl back home, my cat, my bro, future plots, moving to germany, growing up, my own house, my death, some good bud in 3-4 weeks, those two chicks in that russian lesbian band thing, peyote, tomorrows classes, hommies, a bunch of words and stuff, bjork, donnie darko,wicked wonka in a few weeks, waking life, dreams, never waking up, being a lost piece in a cosmic puzzle (or some crazy nonsense like that), telling the don mega off, the wicked mask I bought my bro for his b-day (slim dude from killer klowns), the purple show, abk, kmk, some ak, beatles, charles manson, and I guess a little about nothing.

    "so what ya thinkin bout"
  2. you'd be scared to know what i was thining about..... :D
    this mind holds some very random things.....
  3. sleep is such an amazing thing....you can brood and brood and rapt all you want, dreams are just a continuation of that, in a form of images. and as to what I am thinking..? I wish had a joint to smoke.
  4. I wish that I could remember what I was thinking about last night while I was trying to fall asleep...it was pretty good.
  5. do you guys hear stuff when you are like half asleep and half awake? it kind of wakes you up... I got some great indica and it knocked me out, but I remember hearing people or a..
  6. what am i thinking aboot? boy huuuuuuuuuh, i don't think i could go through all that and type again. it's in the rant!!
  7. im thinking about how bad i want some fucking cocaine right now. ive been craving it for about 2 weeks now. DAMN! need coke.
  8. I had sex twice last night before falling asleep! I slept like a man about an inch from being dead!!!!!!
  9. what would it feel like for that split second when the bullet enters my brain and the very center of my being, my soul is torn between heaven and hell, floating for those breif moments, suspended in ABSOLUTE nothing...would it be perpetual darkness or the most intense, extreme comfort and peace ever felt.....
  10. my ex. :(

    my lack of weed. :(

    the current powers that be. :(

    the 90% of the worlds population that have less than me, and yet, even i am classed as living in poverty. :(
  11. I was thinking about the volume of the voice in my head, and how you can say it has a volume at all...you don't really "hear" it.

    Thinking about how much I am not looking forward to that Pap smear tomorrow..never had one before :(

    Thinking about how full I am but I wish I could finish this last slice of pizza

    Thinking I wish I could drink caffienated soda

    Thinking I hope Holly comes home...she's hurting Nic badly right now, and she better be in some sort of coma or something...she better not be doing what I think she's doing.
  12. ... thinking of devoting myself to a life of celebacy.

    ... and abstention from all that does me more harm than good, so alc, nic and caf are gone! ... thinking about that too.
  13. im thinkin about namrons statement....

    im wondering if everything is good enough.

    im wondering if it would be better to not know things.
    im thinking about if i had a choice to know or not know hurtfull things, what would i choose?

  14. She was doing what I thought she was doing :(
  15. thinking of how fucked up i am right now, and how not stressed out i am..how decent i feel right now.
  16. thinkin i really really really wanna get high. and.. well that's just about it. and that i wish spongebob were on.

  17. word...

    i was thinkiong about how much i don't wanna go to work right now........ i was also thinking about deez nutz.....

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