What ya think so far??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by FillaBong365, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. Well this is my first attempt to grow, what do you all think so far?? pretty shitty eh??

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  2. another

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  3. i dont know how to put all pics in one thing...

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  4. ...

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  5. dont mind the lil dead kid in the back :-( ...

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  6. Great start Fillabong. How old are they? I'm guessing 2-4 weeks. Is that a fluoro light I see? You can keep that an inch away from the tops of the leaves. It doesn't emit enough heat to hurt the plants. This will prevent it from stretching as much and promote tighter (closer) nodes. Looks good so far...Good Luck!
  7. I bet they got a nice smell to 'em too?
  8. yea there about 4 or 5 weeks .....and there smellin yummy...two of um are kinda turnin yellow :-( i gotta go get some new pots and a couple lights and some nutes
  9. Don't overdose on peat moss when you transplant and while you're out pick up some perlite and vermiculite.
    I read that over time peat moss can lean toward the acidic side and really mess up a good ph for a soil grower. Not sure if it's true or not but it made me weary of using too much. After a couple weeks in vegetative I tranplanted to gallon (3.78L) buckets and only used about 1/4 peat moss in the mix.
  10. regarding soil to use when tranplant to bigger pots i use sunshine mix#4 or promix if u can get it where you are i suggest u use that
  11. i think i over fertted or some thing...they were fine i check in the morn they were like yellow and shiveled up crispy i think 2 were worth salvagin so i flushed good and i will see what happens.... man im tellin ya i could fuck up a wet dream...what the fuck i cant do fuckin nuttin right...GGRRRRRRR
  12. And that would be correct..nice to see someone paying attention to what is read....


  13. Never fertilize seedlings until they show signs of need...they must be stable before adding ferts.....keep trying...you will get it right soon enough..

  14. so im fucked on these ones, basically is what your tellin me??
  15. From my own short-lived experience, as long as their is some semblence of life, you can still work with them. My mom found my plants when they were the size of yours. She tore them up by the stem, and snapped one of them in half, and then add insult to injury, she threw them in thrash can in like 23 degree weather for a whole day. When I found them, i put them back in dirt, stood them up with toothpicks. Long story short, none of them died and their 2 feet now. I've overferted before too, just see if you can savem. And if not, do what vatoloco suggested ;-)

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