What ya smokin' tonight????

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by deacon, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. got some northern lights :) 15313898873523872779612847755717.jpg
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  2. Just picked up an 8th of hash & .7gs of cheese the stuff stinks:yummy:

    IMG_20180712_132614.jpg IMG_20180712_132656.jpg IMG_20180712_132806.jpg
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  3. Been smoking bowls of hash & cheese & swigging on cider, feeling pretty good gonna have a couple more then watch a film:smoke:

    IMG_20180712_221659.jpg IMG_20180712_231334.jpg
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  4. No film for me tonight well not yet gotta go hosptial I think
  5. You Ok brother?

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  6. Nah man still at the hospital now my old mans got something wrong with him
  7. Hope everything is okay
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  8. Hoping for the best for your dad Brews

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  9. Thanks for reply bros just got back home it's something to do with his kidneys & he'll need dialysis treatment
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  10. Been flying down south for 4 days oregon, Arizona, California, and Mexico. Brought a bunch of edibles with me from a dispensary. Very disappointed will never buy again longest high I got off em was about 10 minutes and it was very mild ,ended up giving them all too a homeless guy n Mexico.
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  11. GSC or so I'm told....

    Got the job done though
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  12. Prayers for ur dad n u n ur mom bro @brews666 wish him the best

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  13. Sorry to hear that.
  14. Smoking a little bit of Pineapple Kush now.
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  15. 0F08E669-7ED8-45A5-97EF-4EE1BF1FE11F.jpeg
    Currently on the grape ape. It is so tasty.
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  16. Grape Ape is some nice shit, enjoy!
  17. Smoking some Abusive OG now, pretty nice indica.
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  18. I want to say, from the few grape strains I've tried, Grape Ape had the best scent/taste.
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  19. Still have quite a bit of Sweet Thai from my last grow.
    It’s been a favorite for years. Very flavorful and aromatic. Quite energetic.
    It’s a strain that gets you motivated to get things done. Good for creativity.
    Cross between Super Thai & Early Skunk.
    70% sativa/30% indica

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  20. The best part of trimming is hand picking nugs to toke on while you do it.
    20180713_151847.jpg 20180713_133735.jpg 20180713_133718.jpg
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