What ya smokin' tonight????

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by deacon, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Here is the platinum punch. Here is an update. Pretty much a dud. Even as a beginner, didn't get too much of an effect. I won't get this strain again.

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  2. Og sour in my steam roller
    Last patch of green
    Also enjoying this CBD in the Smoant S8 IMG_20180514_230021115.jpg IMG_20180514_225852719.jpg IMG_20180514_211434_852.jpg

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  3. Why if i try to post link in here it dont pull this thread up ?

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  4. Smoking breath mints and spiked punched tonight :weed:
  5. Screenshot_20180515-111408.png
    Grrrnamimal Cookie.
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  6. Never seen anything around here that color.
  7. Bubblegummer (sativa)


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  8. Blending some Haze with the Meringue on the right...
    Pairing it with “Syria” from Unders-enjoy yourselves☮️
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  9. For tomorrow, traded for this from a friend. Purple Paralysis, really nice fruity/berry, slight diesel, rolls really nice.
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  10. Great name
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  11. Lemon tree in the Mighty , listening to one of my fav MCs of all time the GZA do this real dope set with a live band.Waiting for GS vs Hou game to come on.
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  12. Black cherry pie
  13. Sugar Black Rose. These pics don't do it justice, there's some purple sprinkled inside the nugs too.



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  14. I am currently smoking vape with a sweet peppermint e-liquid.

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