What Wu-Tang Albums Do You Own?

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    Not listened to or downloaded, but bought at a store.

    Here's mine:

    Liquid Swords by GZA (classic)

    Ironman by Ghostface (I didnt really enjoy this too much, save for a few tracks)

    Fishscale by Ghostface (I like this a lot more than Ironman)

    Return to 36 Chambers:The Dirty Version by ODB (some great yet not well known ODB songs like Hippa to Da Hoppa and Cuttin Headz)

    Wu Tang Forever by Wu Tang Clan (tracks on this are hit or miss)
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    Enter Da 36 Chambers- Classic Debut I remember buying this the day it was released
    Wu-Tang Forever Enhanced Disc
    8 Diagrams
    Ironman - Ghostface
    Uncontrolled Substance- INS
    Supreme Clientele- Ghostface
    The Pillage- Cappadonna
    Liquid Swords- GZA
    Tical- Method Man
    Tical 2000 Judgement Day- Method Man
    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx - Raekwon
    Legend of Liquid Swords- GZA
    Return to 36 Chamber-O.D.B.
    No Said Date- Masta Killa
    Made In Brooklyn- Masta Killa
    Heavy Mental- Killah Priest
    The Offering- Killah Priest

    I've been a Wu fan since 7th grade since their debut. Rza was one of the producers I studied, it's all about them soul samples the "oohh & ahhh" check the signature I created my own style of music
  3. wu tang - 36 chambers/reunited/the w/iron flag
    method man - tical/2000
    inspectah deck - uncontrolled substance
    gza - liquid swords/words from the genius(copied)
    reakwon - cuban linx
    ghostface - iron man/supreme clientele
    dirty - return to 36 chambers
    u god - whatever his album is (it sucks)
    wu tang chronicles I and II
    wu killa beez - killa beez
    rza - liquid swords
    masta killa - made in brooklyn
    cappadonna - the pilage

    at one time my goal was to collect them all.. i dont care anymore though
  4. Ive downloaded everything they put out, but Im kinda low on funds these days. I made a promise to myself that later on when I have more money I will buy their entir discography just to own it myself. The cds I have bought so far are:

    GFK - Big Doe Rehab
    Raekwon - The Lex Diamond Story
    The W
  5. 36 Chambers- Collaborative Wu
    Iron Flag- " "
    Wu Tang Forever- " "
    Return to the 36 chambers- ODB
    Tical- Method Man

    ...RZA mind control (lol)
  6. out of all the wu cd's i have, 36 chambers is still the best.. but uncontrolled substance and liquid swords are just as good
  7. Tical-Method man
    8 Diagrams- All Wu
    Liquid Swords- GZA

    thats about it. i gotta buy more and support the clan.​

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