What Wouldn't You Try?

Discussion in 'General' started by griffin3141, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. The arguement that the gov't used while most of us were growing up was that marijuana is a gateway drug. I think its completely bullshit, because people who have a certain personality are more inclined to try things, and weed is just the most available.

    My question is, what drugs wouldn't you use under any circumstances?

    For me its Meth, Heroin, Crack, and anything involving a neatle.
  2. Needles scare the hell out of me, I wouldn't go near them. So anything involving needles I keep away from.
  3. Either Herion or Meth, both are useless.
  4. I've done it all, but use a needle. I've always been scared I'ld never put them down. I do like hearing that train, but you don't need a needle. IMHO

    I would turn down most drugs now. Meth is just bad. I was begging for sleep. Freebasing was my crack. Ricord Pyor wanna be I was.

    I can get any Pharms I want from any Dr. But I don't (anymore);)

  5. Any drugs ive seen on the show intervention. I love that show.
  6. Anything with a very high addictivity level, or dangerous to my health I will not try. All the rest is fair game (but I do not want to do meth, any kind of coke, and heroin).
  7. datura and nutmeg, they dont sound appealing to me in any way.
  8. i actually wanna try every major drug known at least one time because i believe that no one can pass judgment on any drug untill you expirience it. to date ive tried weed, x, coke, crack, heroin, mushrooms, dxm, and a multitude of Rx pills. i think thats all.
  9. good call, nutmeg is the most unpleasant high I have ever experienced. Datura on the other hand, it looks hella scary, but I'm gonna give it a shot. But I'm only going to take a TINY dose, and slowly increase with experience (if its worth trying that much).
  10. man, i could narrow it down to drugs i would only take: weed, alcohol, mushrooms, and maybe a mild opiate
  11. Meth, Crack, Heroin, Datura, PCP.
  12. My limits are crack, heroin and meth... other then that i'm up for whatever... as far as the needle thing, i don't care for needles, but injecting ketamine once to the point of a serious k-hole would be interesting. (never k-holed just from snorting)...
  13. I just stick to the naturals for right now but I would never try crack or crystal meth, not really interested in coke either but might try some if I knew somebody had some good shit. I might try heroin if I knew it was very pure and trusted the person it came from. Right now though I'm completely satisfied with just cannabis and shrooms:cool:
  14. I won't do pills, blow, anything with a needle.
  15. Easier to tell you what I would do...... Weed, Mushrooms, LSD (but these days only in moderation!), Ecstacy, speed, coke and that's probably it! I smoke weed nearly every day. The others i probably do 3 or 4 times a year in total (not each) I kinda like it that way now!
  16. I wont do

    Possibly PCP

    Anything else

    Im game
  17. Im not going to do any drugs but weed for the rest of my life. When I was younger I tried some of the harder drugs like coke, lsd, shrooms etc. Ive never done meth, heroin, or e because Ive seen them turn people into weirdos. I never really enjoyed any of the drugs that I have tried. Im not a drug user, Im just a pothead. No drug gives me 1/10th the enjoyment as I get from a bowl of headies in a lux mini perc. A cold beer is nice sometimes though. I dont hate on people who take drugs. Go ahead and do whatever you want as long as you dont hurt anyone.
  18. ill say it like my bro told me when i started. Listen you can smoke weed,and do natural shit like shrooms, and acid is cool to,but dont fuck with anything white.
    I will never do, coke,meth,crack,herion, or anything involving needles.
  19. So wait, kinda curious since no one usually mentions it, how many people have done ketamine?
  20. i will never break my skin to inject any drug. i also have a pet-peeve with synthetics. anything that holds little or no purity (meth, im even hesitant towards E, but who knows).

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