What would you use?

Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Aug 6, 2003.


What Would you use?

  1. Glass Bong

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  2. Double Chamber Acrylic Bong

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  3. Gravity Bong

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  4. Steam Roller

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  5. Spoon

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  6. Joint

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  7. Vaporizor

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  1. Being bored at work.. Have two hours to go. Going to smoke something, but out of what? I dont know yet, I guess I'll know in a couple hours.. What kind of piece would/are you use/ing tonight?
  2. I usually smoke out of my little one hit wonder. A small waterpipe. I sometimes add a joint to the mix...HE HE HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. well it certainly depends on your mood...But I always *very much* enjoyed the joint rolling/toking process after a days work. I dont know what it is, but after being at work, I love just sitting back, putting on some music, tv show or a movie and getting all comfy, having all my rolling things there, a drink and snack, and rolling the night away! :) lol unless it was a real rough day, then its pack the pipe, I gotta get high.
  4. After work i love smoking the bong,cuz work sucks.
    Music is #1 when i smoke,the new 311 is nice right about now in headphones
  5. bbbbong!!! get a nice long hard glass bong!!!! mmm nice ice cold bong hits!!! wtf can beat that?!?!?!
  6. Sensimil you just mentioned one of the best things i can possible think of right now.. oh man...
    Just rolling joint after joint sitting on my nice leather couch watching a movie or some thing or listning to ICP with my speakers all the way up with no one else in the house except maybe a friend or two aslong as everyone has there own joint for no passing needs....damn...

  7. It was one of dem!
    Don't know if my lungs could take the gravity bong tonight, lol..
    The Bubbler sure sounds good, if i only had one. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned a steam roller. I picked one up last week, and love it. My friends tell me you get larger hits on it than my bong, I just think you get larger hits on the bong, but just can't feel it as much.

    So far it's 3 for joints, one for the spoon, one for the G-Bong, and 2 for glass bong... And a waterpipe ;)

    Hey Shade, I didn't put blunts because at the time I wasn't thinking I wanted to smoke a blunt to myself. But now that you put the idea in my head!
    Ever been in one of those "One of everything" moods?

    Btw, would anyone like to see the pieces I speak of?
  8. steam rollers are the shit, every once ina while i like the 10 inch joints... it all depends on what bud u have, if i have dank i love packing a nice bonghit, if its shwag, which i rarely get i like rollin lotsa joints but yeah... um have a good one
  9. Ok...I made my vote. It went to the Steam Roller!
  10. Bowl two goes to the Glass bong with ice! :D

  11. ooo, that sounds fucking great, im going to do that ina lil bit, mabey a few times....

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