What would you use this setup?

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  1. I have a 2x3x5 room with a 400w hps for flowering. How many plants and what method would you use to maximize yield in this space? I've been doing six at a time for my past couple grows but I've been thinking about vegging less plants longer or using a sog/scrog method.

    Thanks for your input!
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    2x3x5 high?
    if so you have the right amount of plant's..
    i'd just LST them myself..
    or you could grow 1 plant in a 3 gal..build a screen shelf 2x3...
    and put it in above your plant about 2-3 feet up in your room..
    that would be SCROG..i'd just build a bubble bucket and do that..or lst 6 plant's..
  3. I've never done a scrog but do you think one scrog plant could do better than 6 sog plants?

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