What would you smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by SuperSilverHaze, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. ok i made a forum a while ago asking this. or kinda, but i didnt have the poll exactly like i wanted so here we go again.

    - YOU! just got the dankest stickiest and craziest smelling weed that you have ever seen. how would u smoke it?- enjoy


  2. well, since i can only choose one i chose bong...:bongin:
  3. hmm u shuld make a lil thing so i can click all of em LULZ
  4. ive never vaped, so ima have to go with tha bong. second would be joint... i like smokin a joint and then takin a bigass bong hit. mmmm
  5. this has been made about a 100 times,but i would choose a bong.
  6. is this in a land where dank sticky icky doesnt cost an arm and a leg?

    in which case i would smoke a blunt all da way

    but if im paying what i usually pay for dank
    than im goin bong, vape, or bowl
    gotta conserve baby
  7. all of the above?
  8. Bongs mane!
  9. Vaps are so fresh homie.
  10. Whenever I pick up some new bud, I always do some tests on it. First I'll vape a little, then I'll smoke some in a bong and then roll it into a joint to see how well it burns.
  11. I gotta be honest though, I am ADDICTED to rolling/smoking blunts. YUMMY YUMMY GUMDROP!
  12. As sweet as a Vape is, I just love bongs. There's something about the feeling of taking a huge rip off a bong that I would miss despite Vaping's efficiency. Espesially if I had really sweet dank. I would want to get the full tactile experience of it. The taste, weight, smell, and feel of the bud. Bud has character, and I feel like Bongs bring out the most of it.

    I'm thinking I will probably end up with a Vape for day to day use, and a Bong for fun nights.

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