what would you recomend growing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by sixer, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. me and some friends have decided to grow our own bud because its just getting way to expensive for us to always be buying

    What i want to know, is what seeds would u recomend buying for outdoor growing? I live in southern california. The weather is basically always in the 70's and 80's, hardly rains, and is basically always pretty sunny during the day.

    We were origionally gonna pick up some white russian seeds, but realized they were only for indoor growing.. :-/

    we basically want the dankest bud you can grow outdoors
    we are willing to spend a bit on the seeds(were origionally gonna spend like the $120+ shipping for the white russian seeds)

    we are knew to growing, but we have some friends who will help us with the process who have grown before

    anyways, please recomend some nice seeds, and a good online retailer that sells them

    if the site isn't allowed to ship into the states, thats not a big deal cause i have some friends up in canada

    help will be greatly appreciated

  2. thanks for the advice

    i'll prolly order some cheaper like $20 all together seeds like u recomended from a store in canada, or use some bag seeds from some decent bud

    also, for california... when do you think it would be best to plant the seeds, or it wouldn't really matter cause the weather is like never below freezing, only maybe a few nights per year.

    thanks for the help

  3. i plants my the end of feb.... im in southcentral califazz....
  4. k, thanks

    do u have a site that u have ordered seeds from?

    if not, its chill, i'll find one or talk to some people

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