What would you rather do?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by OhNoMyJimmies, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. you're* and I'm not gay bro
  2. ^^Oo yea well which do you choose OP?
  3. [quote name='"OhNoMyJimmies"']

    I did some research and the average person ejaculates in 2 - 5 minutes so 2 -5 mins for each but they're beating their meat at the same time[/quote]

    Penis tattoo fuck it ,what would you choose op?
  4. I'd choose the penis tats of course
  5. id choose death
  6. Gee, can I get both.
    This thread qualifies for the dumbest of the year.
  7. You would have to receive some sort of payment for this. There's no way to fit having to get creamed on by homeless guys in a daily schedule and what job could you get with penises on your face? I'd go with the tats.
  8. man 2-5 mins is average? no wonder women bitch bout sex, gotta step ya game up playas. (today's sponsor is Epic Meal Time)
  9. Penis tats even tho you can get rid of em you can cover it or get surgery to get skin placed over it
  10. or just start wearing makeup

  11. Im just kidding grammarman, but seriously though, gotta ask yourself how you got to this thought!
  12. grammarman is not a word!

  13. Apologies. Grammar man, man.
  14. fucked up options because they both leave you scared in some way,

    i say the tattoos ...
  15. Shit. This really is quite a tough one. I literally have no idea how to come at this one. Let me smoke a bowl and I'll be back.
  16. Kick you in the balls with ice climbing spikes.
  17. I just finished watching The Human Centipede 2
  18. Tattoos.
    The homeless men would eventually give me an STD.

    I'll get my tattoos laser removed

    But then I'll have permanent penis scars on my face for life. Oh well.
  19. I'd rather not enter your warped world where these are the 2 standards of living.
  20. I'd have the Bukkakke, but I'd wear a deep sea diving suit so none got on me

    u mad op?

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