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What would you rate this pick up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sgtpepper23, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. ive already smoked a joint from the bag, so its minus around two nugs

    I bought it for £20, i dont think its an eighth but was told its good quality.

    Money isnt an issue for me but if this is a bad pickup, i wont go back to him.

    also, the two empty stems were left in there after i rolled a joint.
    £20 = 23.4 Euros = $31 = $32 (Canadian dollars)

    Worth it?

    i dont have a scale with me but cant really determine the size in grams

  2. Firstly, even if you're a small time smoker you can get a decent scale for under 10 bucks. It's a very handy tool when dealing with new dealers.

    Secondly, I'd say you got a fair deal. Depending on how that joint hit you, if it was a good high then I'd say you've got a fair dealer.
  3. Looks like 1-2 grams.

    Bud looks decent. If it's 2 grams than yeah $30 seems about right.

    How much do you normally pay per gram of your normal pick up?
  4. It's definitely not an 1/8 but it's a good amount for that price.
  5. Looks decent, similar to the shit we get around in MA price wise...
  6. Looks like a standard English 20 bag mate, they look the same even down here in Kent.

    He isn't ripping you off, but you aren't getting an eighth, more like 2-2.5 grammes.

    But, that's the price of weed nowadays. :smoke:
  7. How much does an actual eighth cost where you live?
  8. £20 is about rite mate, whats it smoke like?
  9. Pretty nice high, last a few hours, only took half a joint to get high. a full joint wouldve left me stoned.
  10. Looks like a good deal for the price. The weed looks like some good mids.
  11. I rate it as...
    A little girl, in a pink dress.
    Sticking a hot dog, through a donut.
  12. Not a bad pickup, I would continue going back. Invest in a scale, they are cheap.
  13. Not to be a snob, but doesn't look too good to me. I'd rate it probably 5/10. I've never seen "schwag" in person, but if I did, I always imagined that's what it would look like. Not too crystalline, and has stems. But if you're happy with it, and it got you high, that's all that matters.

    Also I believe it's nearly impossible to rate a weed with any sense of accuracy over the internet without trying it, so my response is null and void.

  14. Far from scwhag.

    On a side note:Upgrade your lighter
  15. Looks like ~1.5 g too me not an eighth or close to it... if your satisfyed thats all that matters.
  16. It looks like some dank. some perhaps. If it's REALLY good shit, i'd say it might be worth it, just buy a larger qauntity next time and the price is reduced by the gram.
  17. It appears like it`d be enough (once the two other nugs were added). However, there`s some big ass stems all through that stuff. Seems like average weed to me, in which case, for average stuff I`d be able to get an 1/8th for $25. For good stuff I`d be able to get it for $30. CDN

    If it got the job done though, good on ya. It is rather stemmy though.
  18. good deal its definitely an eighth theres quite a few stems though, but looks like good bud too

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