What would you pay for these bowls?

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  1. 3223 (2).jpg
    - Selling it for $35

    - Selling it for $25

    *Just wondering what people would pay for these, if im under/over pricing them, etc.
  2. How big are they?

    Id pay uhh 20ea if I did want it
  3. might get more if theyre CLEAN
  4. The $25 one is worth about 15 and the 35 is about 25-30.

    That's being kind.

  5. if they are clean that is
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    that second bowl is a pretty popular design. All I know is that my last two bowls from the gas-station looked exactly like the second pic, and they cost me $8.

    china glass is worth barely anything to me personally, but I am sure you could find some underage kids who would buy it. since they cant go in headshops and all.
  7. Both some serious china.
  8. First

    I had one just like that and paid 12
  9. heres that pipe, they are very very similar.

  10. Well 20 for the first and 15 for the second if they are clean and the glass is thick. Why you selling your pieces anyway?
  11. Yeah I bought a 10 buck one that looked just like that

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