What Would You Pay For A Pipe??

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  1. Hey,

    I am making pipes...very beautiful and unique pipes...can't show them until the web site is up and running.
    I can say they have brass and also wood bowls and organic stems.
    They are all one off's but the same basic design.
    Each is a one of a kind and will be sold as such.
    They are straight away smoking pipes not bubblers or glass.
    These are for home use not pocket pipes.
    They average 9 to 11 inches long with some shorter and some over 11+ inches.

    There is a lot of work in each and a high loss rate in their making.
    But they are incredibly beautiful and very elegant...even as an art object.
    They look very good sitting on a coffee or end table...plus they smoke exceedingly well.

    I am thinking in terms of a 3 tiered pricing structure.
    Low, mid, high...figuring most will go for the mid.

    I know it's very hard to ask without seeing one but still what would you pay for a very beautiful and very good smoking pipe?
    Use your imagination...

    Can I get an idea?

    Thanks much,
    _T :smoke:
  2. If it aint glass, Ill pass....
  3. so many people are making glass pipes now and chinese glass is super cheap, so it'd be hard to sell anything thats not glass at a higher price :/ but you never know. post some pics
  4. honestly for a wooden pipe made for weed id spend probly like 20 dollars if it was pretty nice.
  5. The cleaner the meaner :smoke:
  6. How do u clean wood pipes? Brass? That shit heavy? I'm looking for a new pipe just a "incase" one lol
  7. Shoulda made... And elegant bong. With like a clear tube like a spine so you could see the smoke.

    Dry pipes hurt my lungs to much.

    I unless its fucking crazy im never going more than 40-50 on a pipe..

    EDIT: Idk if you can sell those on B M or not..

    But If you could that'd be your best bet
  8. We're gonna need pictures...
  9. Thanks for all your comments and especially the two that actually answered the question...much appreciated.

    A few comments...

    "How do u clean wood pipes? Brass?"
    You can clean the screen and bowl with drinking alcohol...vodka. A cotton swab dipped in vodka to clean the bowl when you need to. I also give you extra screens and a simple tool for changing it. The wood part is cleaned with...a pipe cleaner! Just like people have been doing for hundreds if not thousands of years. I give you some of those with the pipe too. But it's doubtful it will clog because the inside of the bore is nearly 1/2" wide.

    "Dry pipes hurt my lungs to much."
    Mine don't...mine are exceedingly easy to draw...and they are long and wide enough to allow the smoke to cool before it reaches you.

    Most people that have tried them say it's the best pipe they have had...even some glass bong only users. They all say it's as cool a smoke as anything they have used. To be honest there have been a couple people that still preferred their bubblers...but not many. Can't please everybody and nothing is ever going to be perfect.

    "Idk if you can sell those on B M or not.."
    Don't know what "B M" is. But I will sell mainly through my own web site and maybe Etsy, possibly Amazon & Ebay.

    Thanks again,
  10. We can't answer your question because we don't know the quality of your pipes... All we know is that they are wood and have a 1/2" wide stem... for all we know it could be some amorphous block of beat up wood with a few holes in it...
  11. $10 tops. For anymore you could just go to your LHS and pick up a semi decent glass pipe.
  12. Not worth it man. China glass is cheap enough that you won't compete.
  13. I would pay $10, 20, 30 if they were good quality and I had some extra money.

  14. You do realize how old this thread is, and that OP hasn't been on in a year?

  15. hahaha
  16. Lol just noticed. Haha
  17. I wonder if he made them, I was interested in purchasing one. Lol

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