What would you of done in this situation?

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  1. Okay so, I got robbed a while ago and the exact same shit happened to me.

    2 massive boys took your money and £100 coat, what would you do?
    After, 2 massive other different boys potentially with a knife run you down and beat you up, what would you do?

    Personally when the 2 boys took my money and ran for it, I punched them in the face and got beaten up lol. I was okay though, I walked home and two other boys ran me down, I knew they were going to beat me up, I walked towards them. Can't call me a pussy, usually people dash for it. I didn't do anything to the other two boys because they prob had a knife on them, I just took the beating. Some people pulled up and got out their car when I was getting beat up. Nice people, 3 people stopped for me.

    Aftermath: I had a bump on my head, and a few scratches, I did run after the first two boys with a knife ngl, thats why I got beaten up a second time. Some people stopped for me when i was on the ground, drove me home and police got involved (ffs) and i got a warning for knife possession and assult
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  2. Why are people targeting you?
  3. Doesnt sound like the full story, cant help ya.

    A word of advice 50%-80% of people who have a weapon have it used against them. Think first.
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    You deserve a good kick in if you're walking round with a knife thinking you're Johnny concrete.. pussys that can't fight/defend themselves carry knifes on the streets simple as that lol

    You also sound like a kid how old are you???

    Go & learn how to box to get the basics of defending yourself & you won't need a knife, if you're in the situation again & see a chance to use a weapon go for it if you feel your life is in danger... last person who pulled a knife on me ended up in intensive care because I smashed an ash try over his head lol even the police said I was in the right to do it :confused_2::laughing:
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  5. "You deserve a good kick in if you're walking round with a knife thinking you're Johnny concrete.. pussys that can't fight/defend themselves carry knifes on the streets simple as that lol"

    What if i was against 1v3, or a knife to knife situation, kill or to be killed.
  6. I was selling the guy my coat for cheap, and he robbed me. They attempted to rob me out of tobacco and weed after but i didnt fall for it, im not a retard.
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  7. Lol you live in England the same as me there's no need to carry anything unless as I stated you're a pussy & can't defend yourself. There's no kill or be killed situations over here really it isn't the wild wild west.. apart from in shit pits like London,Liverpool ect & that's mainly kids thinking they're "gangsters"

    If you live in a shit hole area where people are being stabbed because of kids thinking there "gangsters" it's quiet easy to solve. Move to a different part of the country lol

    Seriously how old are you man? You sound like a child the way you handled the whole situation
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  8. Lived in Liverpool, had an office down by the waterfront, used to cycle through Toxteth to get from home to work, and back again. Did that route loads of times about three in the morning and the only people you'd encounter were sound, there was a mutual respect that anyone out at that time of night is potentially a well armed nutter.

    You'd exchange glances, nod towards each other and go your own ways, I never had any issues in that area late at night.

    Going to work at eight or nine in the morning though was a totally different story; I remember one Scouse kid saying "eh lar, I don't know your face, if I see you around here again I'll f****** stab you up", I just told the little scrote to go to school.

    You're right, it's the kids who are the problem, the adults have more respect.

    As for anyone carrying a knive, you're a dick, there's no excuse, you do not need a weapon if you are a weapon. What's wrong with a good old fashioned punch to the throat to collapse someone's windpipe? If you're close enough to stab them, you're close enough to incapacitate them in a single blow.

    "2 massive boys" honestly sounds like a ten year old's school playground bitch about having their luncheon money taxed.

    I don't think the OP is ready for the grown up world yet...
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  9. "What would you HAVE done in this situation"

    Sorry, I let the Grammar Nazi in me take over for a second... Heil correct prose!
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  10. I agree 100% I used to work nights & finish work at 1/2 sometimes 3am & anyone who i'd see on the way back was sound as fuck.. usually it's just a drunk on there way home & they'll nod & say hello ect

    In the morning/day is a different story though like you said it's usually kids thinking there hard as fuck when they're just some turd with a knife who couldn't beat there way out a paper bag lol
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  11. The difference is day and night, the irony being night is safer!
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  12. That's a pretty big gap in that percentage. Why not just make it 50-100"%lol

    To the OP obviously your a target but the question is why? Maybe instead of a knife you should carry OC Spray
    It takes the fight out of most people and it's legal.

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  13. I believe it to be something like 85% of all stabbing victims are stabbed with their own blade.

    No source though so remember what Abe Lincoln said about internet quotes....

    OC spray is pepper spray I assume, in which case it's not legal in the UK, it's not like we can get Fox Labs 5.3 or some kind of grizzly bear repellant in ASDA...

    Checked Amazon and it seems the best we can get here is some kind of marker, you might as well carry a tin of spray paint for all the good it'll do.

    Hell the UK is backwards when it comes to some stuff, girls can't even get stun-lipstick tasers without running the risk of a firearms charge. So many predators, so few ways to defend themselves and we're living in a world where the attacker all too often has more rights than the attacked, especially if they're from certain protected demographic backgrounds.
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  14. I would have shot them dead
    but not before robbing them
    but hey we live in different worlds
    right now I'd be putting the word out
    theirs a 200 quid reward for the coat
    once the coat shows I'd (ask) the guy until he tells all
    no police no leaching of the communty no Govt reliance
    no free medical care..no tax paid
    and all GST free

    good luck

    ps never bring a knife? to a gun fight
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  15. Never said they had a gun

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