What would you like to see the most in the new site?

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Apr 18, 2001.

  1. Hi dear members!

    Weve had a green light today for a total redesign of the coffeeshop-amsterdam.com site, especialy the shop will be more integrated with the rest of the site and the bulletinboard will play a major role on the "front" side of the website. I was wondering if you have tips, wishes, suggestions and hints to improve our new site. Please shoot at will, I need your input!

    peace and thanks


    PS I have an idea that everybody who becomes a member of the community ,get's liefelong discount in the shop. what do you think about that? I need as much input from you as I can get, it's your community people!
  2. i dont think anyone will have a problem with that idea. i dont have a new idea yet on how to organize the site because i haven been in it too much, just in the board and lightly in the shop. i will see everything you have and maby an idea will come to me.
  3. Check out this site for ideas: Hempcultivation.com

    It is not very colorful, or pretty, but the moderation of their forums is absolutely untouchable, and the overall attitude of the members is extremely nice/helpful. I have chatted, and am a member on virtually every marijuana-growing/green-house/hydroponics chat room on the net. There is not one out there that is more customer service oriented. They are on top of people who use foul language within minutes, and every question I have ever asked has been answered by either a senior member, a moderator, or a plethora of junior members within hours. I credit hempcultivation.com with the success I am having in my attempt to 'overgrow the government'.

    Great to hear you are redesigning. Don't get me wrong, I love your site and browse as often as I can!

    Peace, and puff one for me in 2 days!

    Born 420

    Oh and one other thing that they have that I like: they auto parse urls!
  4. It's great to hear that you guy's are improving on an already great thing.
    The only thing I can suggest as an improvement would be some chat rooms so that we might learn more,faster,other than that all is well.
  5. What I would like to see is a little less clutter. (don't get me wrong, I truely enjoy your site. It has a LOT of information)I was thinking (in lay terms, so please bear with me)Why not have some of your main catagories spread out along the top of the main page. Then have the rest of the main links going down the page. When people come onto the site they can put their cursor over a catagory at the top and it will drop down with the areas that are available to go into.
    Other sites, like, CoffeshopAmsterdam could be right on the first page with sub titles etc. Just an idea. :eek:
    (also I guess I should tell you I have never had any formal training on a computer. So I don't know the "lingo" and may not have written this right. I do love this site.
    I wish you luck in your development.
  6. Okay man, I have been waiting for a chance to make some suggestions about the site. I really think the overall structure of the site needs to be overhauled. In my opinion, two key things need to be worked on.

    1. Navagation & general site layout
    a. make a side navagation bar instead of a top bar.
    b. add feedback, guestbook, and a fancy hit counter to the side bar as well.
    c. the main page is cool and it's layout is good, but there really should be a dedicated spot or slogan or mascot or something to have the store standout. but the actual main page is great. I really dig it a lot.

    2. Shopping = total redesign
    a. The layout for shopping is really bad. I hate to say it, but it's very busy. :) I would break the categories down to simpler main catagories. Like, Bongs, Pipes, Papers & accessories, boxes, etc. Then have the option to go into the sub categories at that level if you want. Also include options like view all on each section. If I just came in and wanted to look at all the.. Bongs.. I'd click bongs, then view all. Good option for those who have dsl or cable and whatnot.
    b. I found the shopping to be somewhat user-hostile. I'd like to see it neater and more user friendly. Take a look at the buying and shopping at sites like buy.com, cdnow, etc. A good rework will make a big difference.
    3. A more attractive sidebar menu as well. maybe update the icons and stuff. Coz the Coffeeshop has a cool logo, but it just doesn't feel as if it is reflected in the site's icons and buttons. :)

    I hope it helps man. :) Good luck with the rework.
  7. These are some excellent suggestions.

    I like the chat room idea; then icq wouldn't be so necessary.

    The shopping idea brought up by deejay is another good point. Too many subcatagories in the shopping section.

    I also love the idea for the dropdown menu proposed by vikki.

    The feedback section.... all of it.

    I have to check out the hemp cultivation site.
  8. Seems like there has been some really good ideas! Let me throw some of mine out your way as well:

    1. Add a "news" section of sorts to the site a place where you can post articles related to marijuana/amsterdam at and link the article with the UBB post link. Which would provide you with a system of feedback without all the custom scripting.

    2. An overall more crisp and almost new-age design. Take a look at thinkgeek.com or even marijuana.com, awesome looking sites with great layouts.

    3. Try to expand the system of payments for the things at your shop, I doubt much could be done in this area but i'm sure something could be worked out.. who knows, just a thought.

    4. A complete whipe of all the exsisting topics.. and start the UBB fresh with fresh new things to talk about,
    Well, catch you later! Good luck with the new site.

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  9. HELLO> Sir this sounds great! I would like to submit that alot of U.S. members need acess to good seed.You might consider a section exclusively devoted to seed.Sourses,ratings and your monthly picks for "STRAIN OF THE MONTH". Whatever you decide I and many others support you all the way.
  10. i dont know about a web counter. i dont see much use for it. i dont care how many people before me has come here. i dont mind haveing one. I just think it's useless.
  11. i dont like the idea for the drop down menu because that uses java script and it wont be seen by imac users. I can't use the adminasture control pannel on my mac. if i needed to change something ide have to use my other comp. if there is a way to do a drop down menu by useing a roll over then that be ok. but then there would be more picts and that take up space. sorry to shoot good ideas down but thats my 2 sence.

    PS happy 420!
  12. Doesn't it just make you all want to run out and buy an imac?! :)

    A complete wipe of all existing threads? Can we do that and keep the member base? Daring, but a good idea also. A fresh start!
  13. you can not wipe the board clean. there is so much i have not read yet.

    oh yea..why mess with something that is not broken. sorry about the cliche(sp) there, but i am enjoying the site the way it is. perhaps an idea may come after more time as a member, but for now leave the board alone.
  14. Nah, we just include an "ignore" feature. Then if somebody is being an ass (like scrolling) we can just ignore them.

    OK, so the board wipe isn't such a great idea. ;)

    There is some great info here. It would be a shame to lose it all.
  15. I need more ideas/feedback people! :) :) :) :D :D

    Give me something to chew on!


  16. you want some trydent?

    any way, not much needs to be changed. the site is great but ide like to see how many people have viewed a post. like they have at m.com
  17. That's what I was going to say in my last post (but forgot). The counter that tells how many times the post has been viewed would be cool.

    (lol aero... I guess he did say something to chew on!)
  18. drool donkey died :(

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  19. High [​IMG]
    Just a thought..How about a new background image..Something amsterdamish..Make us feel like we are there..{I wish I was!!} As far as a scroll bar, I think that cuts alot of people out..You need a simple table across the top..List each of the forums for easy access.. at the bottom of the page you need a RETURN to the top button..Also when you tag on head logo it keeps you at the forums..It should take you to the coffeeshop page instead of the forums..And here is my big Question: Will we ever have bandwidth so that we don't need a pic's host??? I just had to pay $19.95 for a year so that my pics would not be deleted in the middle of May.Shit MJ I would rather donate $20.00 bucks to you for band width an not go through a host..Maybe more people feel the same way..This change is really going to hurt the pics forum..Hope some of this helps ya MJ..You stay cool.. :D :D :D

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  20. Dear all, thank you for your advise! I'll sure take a look at every suggestion you made, everyone who still has tips and ideas, it's more than welcome, I'm making this site for you people, so tell me what you want :)



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