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What would you have done?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tropical Goo, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. #1 Tropical Goo, Aug 6, 2011
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    So the other night, me and my friend were cruisin' and we pulled over and were looking through our phones to get a quarter of some bomb or an ounce of reggie.

    My main guy didn't have a quarter and neither did my back up, so I was like awh shit.. So I hit up this other guy and I'm like bro do you have a quarter? And he goes nah I can sell you an 8th for 65 and I was like bro (we'll call him.. Fonzi :D) Fonzi (my main dealer, this guys good good friend) gives em for 60. And he was like alright, just drop by. So I go there, and Fonzi is there along with the guy I called and a few more dudes in a blunt circle. So we're talking for a minute smoking a blunt or two and my main dealer who told me he didn't have a quarter to sell pulls out about 2 ounces and goes you needed an 8th right? I was like, uh bro you have it right there why can't I just get the quarter? And he was like "I bought this to sell for profit so I can't" I was like damn bro, okay.

    So I go outside as he weighs it out and everything and make a phone call to the other guy who said he was dry and I was like hey bro I have 35 bucks left, can I come pick up 2gs thus getting 5.5gs outta my 100 instead of the 7. He was like yeah, hurry I gotta be somewhere. So I go inside and I'm like alright heres the cash we gotta roll out and pick up these other 2gs this guys on a tight schedule. My main guy goes bro I'll sell you the two gs out of this for 35, nbd. I was like alright, way easier and saves gas.

    I have skipped out on my back up dealer like 7 times now and bought bud from someone else AFTER I told him I would be picking up a certain amount from him, but I do so for my own convenience because its always easier. So I had to tell this guy I got pulled over with an eighth.

    What would you have done? Got the 2 grams of bomb from the same dude I got the eighth from because its easier or left and had to waste gas to drive to this dealer and get the 2gs.

    I know it's long, but not too boring.. hahahaha :smoke:
  2. Fuck driving that long, woulda spent more money on gas than you're saving.
  3. Your story confused the fuck out of me
  4. I'm really, really, realllllly high.
  5. 60 An eighth, fuck that, should only be 60 a quarter.
  6. So u spent 100 bucks on 5gs wtf?
  7. I know you were probably sheltered as a child, but there are other places in the world other than where you live :eek: no way right?!
    Convince any dealers around here to sell a quarter for 60 and I will personally buy you an ounce.
  8. 5.5gs, and I'm not broke and it wasn't my last hundred and I wanted to smoke and no one would sell a quarter. So. Yes.
  9. I would've bought both if I had the money
  10. Just buy from him next time or sometime soon so he doesn't figure you've switched or changed dealers.
  11. Buy from the easiest may have made a replacement back up guy any way.... I used have like 3 or 4 people could buy from....none I considered my dealer...never feel obligated to any one person in the black dont exclusively shop from wal mart do you
  12. the point isn't exclusively buying from one dude, it's that he already told the guy he was going to buy then bought from another guy instead.

    as long as he wasn't going out of his way to meet you somewhere or something I don't think it's a big deal. I would've just called back and said nevermind, man, my bad. your main guy doesn't sound like much of a dealer if he can't part with a quarter, though.
  13. When you aren't high, re-write the story, I couldn't figure out what your trying to say, except for you have like a gazillion dealers.
  14. sounds like a bunch of dumb, confusing shit. i didn't really understand that at all, man
  15. Okay, my bad dudes.
    My dealer A and dealer B both said they couldn't sell me a quarter.
    I ended up being able to buy an 8th from dealer A, and while he was weighing it I
    called B and asked if I could get 2gs for 35 because all I had was 100 and needed 5 for gas. He said yeah hurry I gotta run.
    So I go back into dealer As house and said we gotta roll, B has 2gs for us
    and A offered to sell me the 2gs same price, so I did because I didn't wanna waste gas.
    Dealer B was waiting on me to get there, he had the bags weighed. Is that dickish? What you have done?
  16. I would've found a better dealer. Those are horrible prices
  17. Man.. 5.5 for 100 is a little rough.

    WWJD? What Would Jeebus Do?
    I woulda smacked a hoe. /story.

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