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what would you have done?

Discussion in 'General' started by BEEJAYJAY420TAP, May 24, 2011.

  1. I know this may come off as taking advantage of my parents but they arnt hurting and i am.

    ok so my phone is only one year old. but it sucks i had the HTC incredible and it is a giant piece of garbage it was a refurbish. turned off all the time etc. froze and dropped calls

    so im at work and i accidentally leave it at a clients house and don't realize it till i get home. long story short, yes i could have gone back to get it but i didn't my dad offered to buy me a new one so we ordered the new Samsung charge.

    Day after I order new phone. my other phone gets returned to work.

    call and cancel new phone?? or keep both phones and sell one on e-bay??

    what do
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    Keep the refurbished one as a back up. What if you have an important call and it keeps getting dropped? Not good
  3. that was my thinking, i don't have a set work schedule so i rely on txts from work to know if there is work each week.
  4. Sell both buy a cheap reliable phone


  5. does any carrier even still use these lol. there should be a carrier that specializes in vintage cell phones. I would totally rock the zack morris
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    If your old phone isn't properly functioning, and you can't even use it at times. Why pay the bill?

    I say you keep the new one you ordered. Your dad offered to purchase it, so it is not like he really doesn't want to. Your paying for your cell phone service, the least you can do is have a cell phone that will properly work when you need it to.

    As far as the other phone...Keep or sell, the decision is yours.
  7. Over here you just put your sim card in no matter what phone.

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