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  1. So I was hooking up with this girl, and she ended up giving me head. After a while of doing that, we both got kind of tired of it, and she came back up to where my face was. It seemed like she was trying to start making out again, and I really didn't know what to do. I sort of just acted as if I didn't notice her advances. I mean, I felt bad, but the idea of having her tongue in my mouth after she just got done servicing me wasn't one I enjoyed.

    Am I an asshole?
  2. Not an asshole, just weird. I have no qualms about making out after she's swallowed, so I I don't see what your problem is if you didn't even cum in her mouth. Man up!
  3. I'd kiss her as long as I hadn't finished in there.
  4. ewww. I would've done the same thing.
  5. I would have made out with her. Who cares. Seriously, Its not that big a deal.

    Girls have made out with me after I had gone down on them, they love the way they taste for some reason.
  6. In my experience that's not true.
  7. My first reaction when a girl did that to me was "Hell no! I'm not kissing you!" It's all about your comfort level, and she needs to know and respect it.
  8. Yes....

    Whats the difference between a woman kissing a man after he goes down on her? Because I will kiss my man afterwards. And he will kiss me afterwords. Normally oral is just foreplay for us. I really doubt either one of us will still be in the mood if I say oh.. brb lemme brush my teeth and make you feel dirty....
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    thats your man. he just chilled with the girl that not his girl... i wouldnt kiss her unless she brushes her teeth after i cum

    EDIT : unless its my wife as i know i wouldnt be leaving her. i would kiss her in this shituation its not
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    If it tastes that weird to you... you need a shower and its all your fault.

    I guess if its just the idea... try thinking about it differently. Do you ever put your fingers in her mouth and kiss her after. Why is it different if we assume you are clean?
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    I wouldn't blame a girl if she didn't want to kiss me after that, to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of going down on girls either.

    It's more the idea, I didn't get a chance to "taste" it. There's certainly a certain perception around genitals though. I mean, it seems to be a lot more customary to wash your hands before leaving a bathroom than to wash your hands before eating a meal.

    But no, I don't really put my fingers in people's mouths. Especially if I had just got done beating off.
  12. Not an asshole but it doesnt really have a taste and if it does then its your fault... I think it is sexy when a guy loves to makes out after I give them head.
  13. I don't get why you wouldn't kiss her, the skin on your dick is exactly the same as the skin the back of your hand. Like flfck said if your dick tastes weird that's your own damn fault.
  14. Bingo.
  15. like towelie's cousin said "ALWAYS BRING A TOOTHBRUSH!"
  16. Lol Id kiss her but in my head secretly laugh about it but not care. I go ass to mouth in the thunder storms in mud puddles I dont mind.
  17. so why are you afraid of getting a little of your own schmeckle?

    it snot that big a deal. i mean she just had it in her mouth so why is it that you cant risk getting some in yours.

    ill admit, i dont like the idea either. but its not that big a deal. i say just kiss her on the lips a little then start suckin on her titties. biting her neck.

    do whatever you have to in order to not piss her off that you are now ignoring her and acting like since you got yours then you arent interested.

    its not really a dick move, but its inconsiderate and makes you look selfish and like you kinda used her if you arent going to return the favor in any way.

    then later she isnt gonna want to have anything to do with you. like having real sex.
  18. Its your dick, man.

    If you're happy to put it in her mouth, then you shouldn't get squeamish when she wants to kiss after.
  19. Sex just isn't fun when your afraid of bodily fluids.

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