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  1. we were all smoking out of my bong, and we used my friends flavored blunt wraps, so i thought why not just use this new mini pipe i got. so i bust that bad boy out, and we all already pretty high, so were all just taking hits. while im taking my hit i see my friend put his hand out, so i thought that he was trying to get the bowl from me, so i hand him it, and then last second he puts his hand backwards and then BAM!!!!!! the bowl breaks. i wasnt mad, because i dont have much of a temper, but i was shocked that he didn't just keep his hand out. he said that it was too hot for him too hold. i was like fuck outta here with that bullshit. he says that same shit when he doesnt pull the shotgun from the bong "its too hot". i could beat his ass, but i just helped my other friend clean the glass of his floor and throw it out. all i know is that kid owes me some free weed, and hes never EVER touching my bong again, before he breaks that too.
  2. make him pay dude...thats all i can say...the way u described it, it sounds like it was definetly his fault
  3. I figure it isn't worth getting all upset about. Ask him to pay for it, if he's a legit dude he will. If not, don't sweat it. Don't bother going after him, don't even have to be mean if you see him around just let him know if he can't respect your stuff in your place he isn't in.

    In the end, a "mini pipe" isn't worth scrapping over.
  4. I always like to make sure that the person I am handing the piece to has control of it before I let go.
  5. Alot of things, honestly. I'd calmly tell him to pay for it or atleast give me one of his pipes to replace it with
  6. yeah dude, just tell him to pay you back and let bygones be bygones. no sense in lettin a broken piece get you all worked up.

    although, you should tell him its more expensive than it was so you can get a better piece :cool:
  7. Next time you burn with him, if you're going to use your pieces, that regardless of the temperature, he's going to have to take care of them, and if he can't deal with that, then don't let him handle your bong. It happened once, it sucks, but there's no point in overreacting. Don't try to get him to pay, it was an accident. But make sure that it doesn't happen again, and let him know that if it does, you expect to be reimbursed.

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